VSA’s mission is to make the arts accessible to students and adults with disabilities. They even offer a UDL award to children’s museums that make their programs accessible. View the work of gifted artists on their website.

Very Special Arts

Text: Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age by David RoseTwo girls in front of school bus

Speaking of the arts, they are an effective tool for making academics accessible to kids with disabilities. Sally Smith developed the academic club concept, which has enormous potential for inclusion classrooms. These clubs are UDL at their best, IMHO. I provide a link to her book under resources.

Logo links to NCSET middle school UDL article

Is UDL possible in secondary school? The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition discusses the possibilities in this article.

The music clip, which is used with permission, is from “It’s Your Day” written by Andy Glockenspiel and performed by Fran Friedman.






Click here for lyrics.


Photo of Fran Friedman with guitar and hand puppet links to her website
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Positive Behavior Support

Live It Learn It book on academic clubs by Sally Smith



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CAST, the organization that coined the term Universal Design for Learning, researches UDL, provides support for teachers, and emphasizes technology as an essential component of UDL.

This ERIC article by Raymond Orkwis explains the essential components of UDL and also provides useful links.

In Volume 15 of the Journal of Special Education Technology, David Rose discusses UDL in an article in each issue.

Nancy Firchow’s article helps parents understand UDL but is useful to anyone who wants to learn the basics.

Check out the UDL textbook Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age. This site serves as model of textbook accessibility and includes valuable tools and supplements to address all learners’ needs.

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