2016 Striped Bass Tournament Report


1.     Why


        -     To foster friendship amongst FFFC members

        -     To increase the technical skills of all participants

        -     To foster friendship amongst the recreational fisherman that frequent the Neuse River

        -     To foster friendly competition amongst the recreational fishing clubs focused on the Neuse River


2.     Who


        -      29 anglers participated (17 from FHFC, 9 from Eastern Carolina Saltwater Fishing Club, 3 from Lower Neuse Anglers)


        -      Winners


                .    Jeff Jones (FHFC):  most catfish caught

                .   Jim Okonek and Marty Nigianni of ECSFC caught 12 stripped bass to win the individual boat award

                .    Jim Okonek caught a red tagged fish - $100 bounty offered by NCDEQ

                -    ECSFC caught a total of 24 stripped bass to win the club award


        -      Supporting Roles


                .     Sunrise/Sunset provided the pizza lunch

                .     Northwest Creek Marina provided complimentary boat parking for visitors

                .     Custom Marine Fabrication  provided a door prize

        -      FHFC performance


                .     Art Thinguldstad (captian) Mike Smith and Collazo caught 9 (21" was the longest)

                .      Don Yuska (captain), Lee Chylko and Joe Vogel caught 1

                .      Wayne Massettie (captian)  Dick Gaskill and Bill Engstram caught 1


3.     What


        -      Fishing for stripped bass

        -      Largest number of fish caught

         -     Individual Team Award: a plaque awarded to the captain of the boat that catches the largest number of stripped bass

         -     Club Award:  a traveling plaque awarded to the club with the largest number of Stripped Bass caught


4.    Where


        -       People fished from near Hatteras Yachts to downstream of Goose Creek

        -       Most fish were caught within a few miles of Northwest Creek Marina


5.     When


        -      March 19 From  7 AM to 1 PM

        -      The water temperature in the river was 67 degrees


6.     How


        -      Live baits

        -      Artificial Eels

        -      Diving Crank Baits

        -      Surface Plugs


Smallest stripped bass caught (by Art):