This site contains a collection of articles that I found useful when working on my 'Stang. Some articles come straight from the allfordmustangs.com website, while others come from the mustangforums.com site, and still others come from fordfuelinjection.com. References found on this site will apply to 94-98 'stangs specifically, but may apply to other years as well. This site was created on August 15, 2010 and is still incomplete. Lots of information whether you have a Mustang or many other Ford models.

The "Tuneup" tab

Information about:

  • Air filter,
  • oil filter,
  • Engine Temperature Sensor,
  • O2 Sensor,
  • Mass Air-Flow Sensor,
  • and other parts that are a fundamental requirement to keeping your 'stang running in tip-top shape.

The "Lamps" tab

Information to help you troubleshoot your courtesy lamps problems, also a troubleshooter for helping you diagnose any problems with the charge indicator on your dash.

The "Trouble" tab

  • Everything necessary to troubleshoot your Mustang problems
  • Key-On/Key-Off Self-Test directions,
  • Base Timing Check
  • Verify PCM Control of Timing
  • Engine running Self-Test
  • Flow-chart to help you quickly find the info that you need.

The "Dizzy" tab

The tab labeled "Dizzy" contains information necessary to replace your distributor. Complete with large pictures showing how to correctly align your distributor to the block, as well as correct orientation of your rotor inside the 'dizzy'. Also included in this tab, is a section on replacing your stator inside your 'dizzy' complete with several pictures that outline the steps, even a picture of the part, and the part number!

The "EEC-IV" tab

Contains pinpoint test procedures to help you troubleshoot your EEC-IV Powertrain Control Module problems.

The "Starting" tab

Contains help troubleshooting your "no-start" condition, diagnosing why your battery will not hold a charge, find your "key-off" drain and the component causing the drain

The "Wiring" tab

The "Wiring" tab contains wiring diagrams that are otherwise difficult to find on the Internet. Radio wiring for different applications such as, Radio with Premium Sound, Radio with Premium Sound and CD, Radio with Super Sound, Radio with Super Sound and CD, and Radio without Premium or Super Sound. Complete Power Distribution Diagrams (13) and Ground Diagrams (10). Power Windows, Power Seats, Anti-Theft and Remote/Keyless Entry diagrams, also. This is a complete set. Enjoy!