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the continuing saga of the 
second tennessee volunteer infantry
Chapter VI
Mill Springs: Soldiers at Last
The Least Appreciated Union Victory of the Civil War
January 19, 1862
Alvis Duncan Hicks
in the 
Civil War

A Story of Southern Men 
in the Federal Army
Don’t Call Them “Yankees”!

One  of my ancestors (as far as I know, only one) fought in the Civil War. From the oral history I knew that he was a Union prisoner in the infamous prison camp at Andersonville.  I set out to learn more.
In the process of investigating his story I discovered a much larger drama, a great story that amazingly remains untold.  It is the story of the thousands of Southern men who served faithfully and courageously in the Federal Army.  
My great-great grandfather, Alvis Duncan Hicks, was one of them, a private in the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, USA.
This is their story, and his story with them.  The following chapters have been posted:
Chapter I, The Cause: A Choice Forced upon Us
Chapter II, Camp Dick Robinson: How Long ‘til We’re Soldiers?
Chapter III, Camp Wildcat: First Fire 
Chapter IV, Burning Bridges, Part 1:
An Audacious Plan,  
Chapter V, Burning Bridges, Part 2: 
Flames of Rebellion.
Chapter VI, Mill Springs: Soldiers at Last
Watch for further installments in the months to come, along with revisions and new material from ongoing research.


Selection of the Month


“The Book of Wisdom and Folly,”

Appendix to Fool

What is the best investment in a dishonest world?

Buy the truth, and do not sell it—

wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

The integrity of the upright shall guide them,

but the slipperiness of hypocrites shall destroy them.

Proverbs 23:23; 11:3


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Garry D. Nation



Esther: For Such a Time as This

by Mark Taylor & Steele Brand

A Word Fitly Spoken:

Everybody struggles. Mediocre lives try to avoid struggle and end up contending with trivialities. A great life wrestles with the angel that can't be pinned down, and won't let go 'unless you bless me.'


The Ever-Expanding Scrapbook
 Story Page
    “The Medusa Painting”
“Today, George Rogers Sterling hoped to consummate his life’s purpose.  Today he would look upon the hidden, the forbidden....”
(I just re-read this story and it still creeps me out...and I wrote it!!!)
 Fools & Follies Files
It may sound silly, but really we’re serious.  Here’s a growing    (unfortunately) collection of clippings illustrating the different levels of folly. You won’t believe what people are doing out there (or, sadly, you probably will).
 Are You Kidding?
Yes, sometimes we are.  When we do, we’ll put it here.  The Bible says there is “a time to laugh.”  (Doesn’t it?)
 Bible Notes
I’m happy to share with you some fresh pickings from my personal Bible study and meditations--not polished or finished, but suitable for a notebook.
The "One-Another" Commands of the New Testament
Wintley Phipps on “Amazing Grace”
No fooling.
The Meaning of Hypocrisy
What Is Empathy—Really?
Whatever Happened to Pity? Story_Page.htmlStory_Page.htmlPhotos.htmlFools.htmlAre_You_Kidding.htmlBible_Notes.htmlThinkaboutit%21.htmlThink_1_one_another.htmlThink_1_one_another.htmlThink_2_amazing_grace.htmlThink_3_no_fooling.htmlThink_4_hypocrisy.htmlThink_5_empathy.htmlThink_6_pity.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3shapeimage_8_link_4shapeimage_8_link_5shapeimage_8_link_6shapeimage_8_link_7shapeimage_8_link_8shapeimage_8_link_9shapeimage_8_link_10shapeimage_8_link_11shapeimage_8_link_12shapeimage_8_link_13

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Thoughts on Forgiveness
First, if you can forgive someone immediately without any effort of soul and any passage of time, you haven’t really been injured—or else you’re an angel and can’t suffer injury. here.
Bible Notes
What does “the fear of God” mean?
When preachers and Bible teachers discuss the fear of God, they typically make a distinction between “slavish” fear and “filial” fear.  They generally recommend the word “reverence” as a preferred synonym, and many contemporary Bible translations use “reverence” or some other euphemism in place of the phrase.
That’s not really wrong.  All of this is good and necessary information for a start.
The only problem is that it all seems to me to miss the point.
What, then, does the fear of God really mean, and how is it relevant to followers of Jesus Christ? here.
New to the “Fools & Follies Files”
Tax cheats: Single, young and male*
*CNN Money.Com, March 27, 2011
According to an annual survey by DDB Worldwide Communications Group, the typical American tax cheat is male, single and under the age of 45.
And that’s not even the most interesting thing about the study—at least not from the point of view of Character Deficiency Syndrome.  To find out what is...
Click here.
“Are You Kidding?”
 A Moving Testimony
School Discipline, U. S. Marine-StyleThinkaboutit%21.htmlThink_8_forgiveness.htmlThink_8_forgiveness.htmlBible_Notes.htmlFear_of_God.htmlFear_of_God.htmlFools.htmlFools.htmlAre_You_Kidding.htmlAre_You_Kidding.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3shapeimage_9_link_4shapeimage_9_link_5shapeimage_9_link_6shapeimage_9_link_7shapeimage_9_link_8shapeimage_9_link_9

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