Brother Huff was a good  ol’ guy.  He’s with the Lord now (I’m very sure the Lord knows him!), but I remember him fondly.  Tall and seventy-something, he wore a big handlebar mustache and drawled a burly Texas drawl, both of which would do Wilford Brimley proud.  He probably wasn’t “all there,” and he had some issues, but he loved the Lord and he loved good preaching.  
He was also a white man who loved the “black church” manner of “helping” the preacher preach--meaning that he liked to talk back to the preacher with words to encourage him.  Once he got a little too carried away and was becoming a distraction.  I had to ask him from the pulpit to back off a little and it hurt his feelings for a while, but he came back.  Not everybody in the congregation was happy about that, but I’m glad he did.
My favorite expression of his came out when I hit a point that he thought was especially important or surprising--one four-syllable utterance, an exhortation to the congregation: “Thinkaboutit!”
This section is named for that expression of his.  As for what it means, thinkaboutit!
The "One-Another" Commands of the New Testament
Wintley Phipps on “Amazing Grace”
No fooling.
How do we define hypocrisy?
What is empathy--really?
Whatever happened to pity?
We’re in a war. Deal with it.
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