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Cherish Is the Word
A Novel (Inspired by a true story)

John Dorsey, a Navy ROTC college senior, arrives on a military training exercise in Corpus Christi, Texas, in June, 1966. His passions are aviation and music, but recent experiences with romance have left him determined to avoid the emotional pain that past rejected love has brought. During his three week visit to South Texas he meets and is swept away by Carol Glenn, a girl with whom he could spend the rest of his life, only to learn that she is pinned to David, her “perfect” man.

John must meet the challenges of the Navy’s training, try to win a competition among peers for a prize he deeply desires, overcome a constant threat to his physical safety from the group’s alpha male, while agonizing over becoming a three-time loser at love when the girl he now adores marries another man. Carol finds herself irresistibly drawn to this naval officer candidate, despite her love for David and her parents’ pressure to be true to her first commitment. All the while John’s moods and attitudes are shaped by the music of the 50s and 60s that's always running through his head.

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