House Demolition

Here's the view from the back of the house as the backhoe takes its first bite.


"I'm HUNGRY!!"


They started at the garage. Probably because they had the easiest access, from the driveway.



But then they moved around to the front of the house and worked their way from one end to the orther.


Here's a sequence of shots as the backhoe moves across the front door.

Note the front walk as a reference point.








After they had finished with the front, the view below shows where the front door USED to be.


Above is the view from where the next-door-neighbor's privacy fence starts.


This is what it looke like from the front street.



The view from the driveway.



The back wall still stands. We'll see for how long.

Then I wonder how long it will take to haul away the rubble?