New Years Day activities


Here in South Texas, winter is over. The new year has begun, everything is starting out new and fresh, and spring has arrived.

You don't believe me? Want proof? Well, these were taken yesterday on our local golf course. (Yes, eat your hearts out all you northern golf-lovers. Just remember next August when you're out enjoying the sunshine in the 70s and 80s, and I'm suffering through a round in the 100s!)

Yes, it's official. This robin, the first one I've seen this year, is obviously an early bird. But he's here, and the hunting is good. In fact, here's another view...

Pretty soon the flowers will be blooming, the baby birds will be chirping, and we'll be taking pictures of Bambi again.

Now I feel compelled to draw a comparison between Carol (who took the pictures) and Viki of Chicago, better known as Vikibabbles. If you'll read Viki's New Year's post, you'll learn that she was taking shots of Grey Goose. Well, Carol was also taking shots of a grey goose.

Here they are.

This grey goose may not BE vodka, but it looks as if it's been DRINKING vodka.

Though it managed to avoid staggering, this bird definitely had a limber neck!

I think I'll just take a snooze here. Don't mind me!


Then, here is a picture of a bird who had a SERIOUS problem with warts.

And finally, you know how after you've had too much Grey Goose, the next morning your head feels like it's pounding? This bird's head is ALWAYS pounding!

He's known as a "Pileated Woodpecker." He's nearly a foot tall. That is one LARGE woodpecker.