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JJRadio - Rig Control/Monitoring Program

JJRadio is a Windows program that allows you to control and monitor your Kenwood TS-2000, or TS-590, your Elecraft K3, Icom IC-9100, or your Flex 6300. Version, 4.3.3, adds support for the IC-9100. Version, 4.3.5, adds support for the TS-590SG. Those are the only rigs I support at this time. Support for the Flex 6300 software defined radio will support the Flex 6000 series radios, but with only two slices. The program allows control of frequency, mode, and many other features of these transceivers, in addition to providing s-meter, SWR and other readouts. Version 4.4.1 adds support for telnet DX clusters. The current version is 4.4.8.

You can Read the documentation here.

The program works on Windows 7 and above.

Before installing JJRadio, please read the installation instructions.

Note that while I don't currently have a Certificate of Authenticity for it, it has been verified by VirusTotal to be virus free, so you may install it with no worries, despite what Windows might say. You can get the program here.

Listen to a demo of JJRadio used with the Flex 6300 software defined transceiver.

If you have a problem with JJRadio, please feel free to email for support.


I have one rig's manual that I've done in a web browser friendly format. Try the Kenwood TS-2000 manual.

Here's a TM-V71 instruction manual in html format, done by Rob Santello, K6DQ.

Here is the Remote Hams manual for blind ops produced by Ron Milliman. If you open it, and get a username prompt, just escape out of it, and you should be ok.

The ELECRAFT KX2 PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION AND AUDIO-CW USER INTERFACE document describes the physical layout of the Elecraft KX2, along with the CW interface for identifying controls.

Please send comments and suggestions to Jim Shaffer.