1. Use of alcohol and drugs prohibited.  Don't do it!

2. All firearms transported to/from the range must be in a safe & unloaded condition.  Licensed concealed firearm holders may carry, on their person, a loaded firearm in a concealed manner, except if the person is participating in a sporting event.

3. When the firing line is made "safe", all guns must be made safe - - - (unloaded, actions open, pointed down range, and placed on racks or in appropriate cases).

4. Remain behind firing line while any firearm is being fired or handled by another.  Do not handle firearms if someone is down range!

5. Everyone at the range has the responsibility for safety. If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, call a halt to the shooting and caution the person.

6. Children and juniors under 18 years old are not allowed on the firing line without direct adult supervision. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required.


 1.  Membership card must be carried with you at all times while on the range. No exceptions -- no card = no shoot!  All members are required to enforce this rule.

 2.  Members may bring guest to range.  Members are required to remain with guests while the guests are on the range.

 3.  Approved targets:  (do not shoot cans or bottles)

      a) Paper targets attached to target frame centers.  Do not put targets on frame posts; don't shoot the posts down!          

      b) Approved metal targets and stands.  DO NOT shoot metal targets with rifles.

      c) Shotgun clay targets.

       d) Do not attach targets to or shoot at the metal silhouette stands, as damage will occur.

 4.  Trash cans are for burnable items only.  Take all other items home with you for proper disposal. Police the area and leave it cleaner and neater than you found it.  Practice courtesy.

 5.  Range gates and doors should be locked at all times except during scheduled events.  Never leave the gate open when you leave unless 100% sure someone else will lock it.  Never leave the lock hanging with the combination showing. "Spin the dials ---protect your combination"

 6. This is a private club for dues paying members and their guests only.

 7. All members must have a current membership to the National Rifle Association and report the info to the club secretary.

 8.  Violation of these rules is grounds for revocation of membership.

I have read and understand the rules listed above.

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