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Bluegrass in Georgetown TX
Jam on the Square - On hold for now...
email us if you're interested

    Bluegrass on the Square - Back by popular demand

    Pictured from left are: Sigi on bass, Mike on guitar, Jon on guitar, Sturdy on mandolin, Rohi on banjo, and Dickie on guitar at last summer's Bluegrass Jam in San Gabriel Park.

    Join us for the next jam on the Square on hold for now

    We always enjoy your company!

    You can also swing by for bluegrass jams Thursdays at Dukes BBQ Smokehouse on the patio at 6 pm.-------->

    We meet every 2nd Sunday of the month at 1 PM at the beautiful Square in Georgetown. -- On Hold Don't forget to bring a chair.  There is plenty of parking, beautiful stands of trees, picnic areas, benches and fireplaces. Bring your chair or blanket, have a picnic if you wish and simply enjoy Traditional Bluegrass music by local Bluegrass jammers.

    Local musicians of all skill levels will be there playing the music they love, some fast, some slow, and all with the feeling of the country that only bluegrass can bring to your soul. Banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bass, autoharp, dolcimer and who knows what other fine acoustical instruments may show up. And if you're just learning please come by and sit around the circle too, even if you just listen. So come on down and set aspell as we're just up the road apiece and we're fixin' to fiddle around until the last stomper lopes home. You can always use that new-fangled computer you've got and drop us an email at Bluegrass on the Square See y'all there!

    Georgetown Square Jams:

    There is no better time to spend a Sunday afternoon  on the Square. For past jams on the square check out the photos in the picture library .
    We'd love to see everyone back next month on the Square. 

    Public Service Promos

    Please see our listing in County Life in The Williamson County SUN newspaper. Thank you to the media for promoting bluegrass in our great state of Texas.

    Music lessons Bluegrass style: Guitar, mandolin, fiddle and singing. Call "Randy" of Randy's Rangers at JRF - 869-8076

    Rascal's Corner

    We play under the beautiful stands of trees, and often enjoying a gentle breeze.  We like to thank Charles, our most faithful listener, who I don't believe has missed a jam.  This is what it's all about, enjoyment of the music and greeting familiar faces.  I hope to see a lot of my friends to join us on the Square.

    For close to five years, I joined in on many jams, had a number of performances with Randy's Rangers www.jrfnet.net/rr (most recently performing for Georgetown's Library Summer Reading Program at Kelly's Kids), and the Texas Silver Moon, a smooth jazz duo where I am honored to get to sit in on Texas Swing music www.sigi.us/TSM. Haven't grown a bit tired of it yet. If strings are to be plucked, I'll be there with my standup bass. Just imagine, I can finally call it "my" bass. As you may know, it really used to belong to Jon--actually for about 30 years. But he ain't getting it back! No sir.

    I have learned a lot from Y'all and I would like to give some back. The most recent material I read is about theory and jamming etiquette. Thus, I would like to share the following with you: Just click on Rascal's Corner. Enjoy, and I hope to see you at the next jam session.

    Sigi, the "Rascal"


    Next Jam on the Square

    Pack your chair or blanket, bring a picnic if you wish and join us on the Square to play and swing to our tunes. Bluegrass players from all over will gather to make high-energy wholesome music at the beautiful Square in Georgetown. All are welcome to play and sing along. So come on down and have a hoot-hollerin' time. See y'all there!

    Join us for Thursday Bluegrass jams Come to play or listen to bluegrass every Thursday at Dukes BBQ at 6pm -- so come on down and enjoy an evening of Bluegrass jams.



    Articles and interesting written pieces wanted

    Last summer's article

    Our Summer Trip to Nashville



    Thanks to Rebecca at the 'Williamson Couny Sun' and thanks to Amy who did a wonderful job on capturing the true spirit of Bluegrass Jams on the Square. Randy's Rangers were featured on June 23, 2003. To read the articles, go to:
    Picture Library
    Randy's Rangers

Picture Library

Rain in June 2003--but jamming away

Georgetown TX - Bluegrass on the Square
  • Meets on the Square in Georgetown
  • Every 2nd Sunday of the month at 1PM
At the beautiful Square in Georgetown.
And Thursdays at Duke's BBQ - WIlliams Drive, I35


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