Introduction to Ulina's Photos

    The first photo features Ulina when she was only 6 years old, the last at age 14. She continued as an active service animal until her death, losing little in the way of physical ability and mental acuity, even after suffering a minor stroke just after her 13th birthday from which she seemed to fully recover. This separate page is a collection of images of her in the 24 hours preceding her death.

    The following represent Ulina behaving a variety of ways, whether they be related to her duties, her activities off-duty, and those illustrating her relationship with Deshae. In some, her vest can be seen, indicating to the public that she is a service animal (and, as such, should never be addressed or touched without first seeking permission from her senior partner). A few photos show her responding to comamnds: to open a door and to jump into Deshae's lap are but two of the estimated 60 she knows. She even had learned some behavior intuitively such as when Deshae's vent connection popped off and an alarm sounds. Ulina, without any formal training, apparently learned in that situation to go seek somebody if no one is with Desahe.

    Our best guesses as to why she lived so long in excellent health until close to her death, besides the webmaster's astute care of her, is that she was a happy dog with a very pleasant disposition, and that she knows Deshae loves her so.


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