IC-208H - 2 meter/440 MHz Dual Bander
Powerful 55W/50W output power
Individual MOS-FET power amplifier modules supply the power for Icom’s most powerful dual band mobile with 55W/50W (VHF/UHF). Stable power for long distance communications plus reduced power settings (15/5W) for local communications.

Wideband receiver
See why Icom has a world renowned reputation for superb wideband receivers with the IC-208H. The IC-208H wideband receiver covers 118–173, 230–549 and 810–999MHz* as standard. Listen to your Amateur VHF/UHF bands, as well as aviation, marine, weather and other utility communications in a compact mobile package. Extends your mobile radio enjoyment!
* Excluding Cellular range.

Detachable front panel
Limited installation space is no problem with the IC-208H. The separation cable, OPC-600/R, is supplied with the radio allowing the compact remote control head* to be installed almost anywhere.
* 111 (W) × 40(H) × 26.3 (D) mm; 43.8 × 19.16 × 11.32 in.

500 alphanumeric memory channels
With this much memory, you can fill your IC-208H with your favorite frequencies and operation settings such as output power, tone, and more! Then name each memory channel with up to 6 characters for quick channel identification.

Improved Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) system
The improved DMS system allows you to scan all the selected banks you want to scan by simply adding/deleting bank links with Icom’s exclusive Bank Link system. Yet another convenient feature to make the IC-208H more practical radio.

User friendly design
The large multi-function tuning knob provides intuitive channel tuning or band hopping. The multicolor display lighting and backlit buttons adds a new ‘fun’ dimension to operating the IC-208H.

HM-133, remote control microphone
The supplied HM-133 remote control microphone allows you to control almost every function of the IC-208H from the mic.

And more…
  • Built-in CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
  • Pocket beep and tone scan
  • Selectable squelch delay
  • FM narrow capability
  • RF attenuator linked to the squelch control

  • 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits per channel)

  • 9600bps data connector (mini DIN 6-pin)

  • Auto repeater function*

  • Weather channel with weather alert*
    (*U.S.A. version only)

  • Frequency coverage (Unit: MHz)
    Guaranteed Range Tx working range Rx working range
    118-173.995, 230-549.995
    810-999.998 (Cellular Blocked)
  • Mode: FM, FM-N, AM*, AM-N* (* RX only; not guaranteed.)
  • Number of memory channels: 500 (including 2 call, 10 scan edges)
  • Antenna connector :50 ohms (SO-239)
  • Power Supply requirement : 13.8 V DC +/-15%
  • Useable temperature range : -10°C to +60°C; +14°F to +140°F
  • Frequency stability: ±10 ppm (-10°C to +60°C)
  • Tuning step increments: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 and 200kHz
  • Current drain (at 13.8 V DC)
    • Receive squelched 0.8 A
    • max. audio output 1.0 A
    • Transmit at high power VHF 12A UHF 11.5A
  • Dimensions (projections not included):
    • 141(W) x 40(H) x 185.4(D) mm
    • 5 9/16(W) x 1 9/16(H) x 7 5/16(D) in
  • Weight: Approx. 1.2 kg; 2.65lb.

  • Output power:
VHF 55W, 15W (approx.), 5W (approx.) selectable
UHF 50W, 15W (approx.), 5W (approx.) selectable
  • Max. frequency deviation:
±5.0 kHz (wide), ±2.5 kHz (Narrow)
  • Spurious emissions :
Less than -60 dB
  • Microphone connector :
8-pin modular jack (600 ohms)
  • Intermediate frequencies:
1st 46.05 MHz / 2nd 450 kHz
  • Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD):
Less than 0.18 micro V (144/430MHz band only)
  • Squelch Sensitivity:
0.13 micro V (at threshold; 144/430MHz band only)
  • Selectivity (Wide/Narrow):
More than 12kHz/ -6 dB
Less than 30 kHz/ -60dB
  • Spurious rejection ratio:
More than 60 dB
  • Audio output (at 13.8 V DC):
More than 2.0 W at 10% distortion with an 8-ohm load
  • Ext. speaker connector:
2-conductor 3.5(d) mm (1/8")/ 8 ohms
Supplied accessories:
  • Hand microphone, HM-133
  • DC power cable, OPC-1132
  • 3.5m (11.5ft) separation cable, OPC-600/R
  • Mounting bracket
  • Spare fuse

  • OPC-600/R, OPC-601/R SEPARATION CABLE For operation with the front panel detached. OPC-600/R: 3.5m (11.5ft); OPC-601/R: 7.0m (23.0 ft)
  • MB-58 REMOTE CONTROLLER BRACKET Mounts the remote controller in a convenient location for operation with the front panel detached.
  • MB-65 REMOTE CONTROLLER BRACKET Mounts the remote controller with the MB-58. Adjustable angle and direction for optimum positioning.
  • OPC-1132, OPC-347 DC POWER CABLES. OPC-1132: 3.0m (9.8ft); OPC-347: 7.0m (23ft)


  • HM-118N HAND MICROPHONE. Regular hand microphone.
  • HM-118TN/TAN DTMF MICROPHONE. DTMF microphone.
  • HM-133 REMOTE CONTROL MICROPHONE. Full remote control microphone with keypad backlighting. Same as supplied.
  • OPC-440, OPC-647 MIC EXTENSION CABLES. OPC-440 5.0m (16.4ft); OPC-647: 2.5m (8.2ft)
  • OPC-589 MIC ADAPTER CABLE. Allows you to connect an 8-pin microphone.


  • CS-208 CLONING SOFTWARE + OPC-478/OPC-478U CLONING CABLE For quick and easy programming of memories, etc. OPC-478: RS-232C cable; OPC-478U: USB Cable
  • OPC-474 CLONING CABLE Transceiver to transceiver cloning cable
  • OPC-441 SPEAKER EXTENSION CABLE 5.0m (16.4ft)

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