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           Kissin Kuzzins is an East Texas query column entering its 43th year. It appears weekly in two East Texas newspapers: The Lufkin Daily News and The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel. Queries are free, but they must pertain to a Texas ancestor. They may be submitted by e-mail, snail mail or by FAX to 936-552-8999. Please remember to include your snail mailing address

September 21, 2014

         October sale on JUDGES OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS by Joe Ellis Ericson. Compiled in 1980, this volume has sold for $50.00 in the past. This volume contains lists of judges by county beginning with Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and listing county judges by county, down to the Justice of the Peace.

         This is a biographical directory with sketches of each man, varying in length, from individual to individual. Some judges had lots of information available and others a lesser amount. Sources are given for each sketch so you know where the data came from. The number included varies from county to county depending on when the county was formed. Those counties that were formed early in the Republic have more surnames than those who were formed later.

         The names of San Augustine County contain sketches on William McFarland, Edwin O. LeGrand, Alexander M. Davis, Robert H. Foote, John Charles Brooke and Alfred Polk. Those in Sabine County are Matthew Arnold Parker, William P. Wyche, Robert Gallantly, Francis T. Gaines, and Richard R. Jowell. Rusk County only had two: Isaac R. Vannoy and Archibald H. Watkins.

         In a few instances, photographs of the judges are included with their life sketch. A lengthy bibliography gives sources for the information included, and a surname index lists the judges included and helps you find them. The book contains 350 pages, in attractive library binding.

         For the month of October, the book will be on sale for only $40.00 instead of $50.00. Just add sales tax and $5.00 shipping and handling. Order from Ericson Books, 1614 Redbud Street, Nacogdoches 75965-2936.

         I remember my mother taking me to my grandfather’s grave. It was out in a field under a tree (way back behind someone”s house). It had a headstone with the name ZACHARY VAUGHT. I remember my mother saying he was a school teacher and was ambidextrous and could write with his right or left hand. Since he passed away before I was born I never remember seeing him.

         Mother took me through town on the street in front of the old post office and up the Fredonia Hill. I remember turning right on the hill either on the first street or second street. [This might not be exactly right, but this is what I remember.] it was 70 years ago.

         Does anyone have knowledge of such a tombstone being in the middle of a field? If so, I would love to have directions to it and what street it is on.

Edith Arnold, 3218 HWY 69N, Lufkin, Texas 75904 - 936-634-5055

Another early obituary:

The Weekly Sentinel, August 4, 1900


         The sad news of the death of Mr. John Burk was received this morning. Mr. Burk died at his home near Linn Flat yesterday, of consumption, after a long a lingering sickness; was 52 years of age, and was a brother to Messrs. H. T. And B. T. Burk and Mrs. W. T. Sanders and Mrs. J. B. Dorsey of this city. Mr. Burk was a good man and useful citizen and will be greatly missed in his community. His death is deeply regretted by all who knew him.

         [John T. Burk, born 20 October 1847, died 3 August 1900, buried Linn Flat Cemetery]

The Weekly Sentinel, August 15, 1900

Mrs. Leak, wife of Dr. Robert Leak, formerly of Melrose, died at the home of their son Rev. Dan Leak at Timpson this morning. Her remains will be brought to Nacogdoches on the way to Melrose for interment. Dr. Leak and his aged wife have been honored citizens of the Melrose community for nearly half a century. [Mary A. H. Gilder Leak, born 7 April 1822, died 13 August 1900, buried Melrose Baptist Cemetery].