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           Kissin Kuzzins is an East Texas query column entering its 43th year. It appears weekly in two East Texas newspapers: The Lufkin Daily News and The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel. Queries are free, but they must pertain to a Texas ancestor. They may be submitted by e-mail, snail mail or by FAX to 936-552-8999. Please remember to include your snail mailing address

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Shelby Boyett sent me this message to be included. She has competed her family history books UPROOTED: AN AMERICAN FAMILY SAGA. This is available in two volumes which are both available on She had intended to publish only one volume, but found so much information that it grew to two volumes, Volume 1 contains information on the following families: COON, HILL, POWER, MEALS, COFFMAN, LOVELL, MARSHALL, MARKHYAM AND WILLIAMS. This volume contains 260 pages.

         Volume 2 includes the following families: NOONER, McMINN, GILKEY, HERRIN, HENDON, GRESHAM, VAUGHT, TOBLER, BIRDWELL, ALLEN, CUNNINGHAM, LOONEY, HARMON, DEANS and WINDER families. This volume contains 450 pages. 

         Some of the characters you will encounter in these volumes include a real live Pirate of the Caribbean, a family friend, President George Washington, a man accused of high treason, a knight who invaded with William the Conqueror; a mother lost on a wagon train journey, a Civil War POW; a Lord Mayor of London; early settlers in the Republic of Texas, and many more. If you are interested in these volumes, visit and order your today.

Another early obituary:

Monday, January 7, 1901


         Some young ladies went up to the hotel Monday afternoon to see Dee Crouch, who had been confined to his bed several days with a fever. He sat up in bed and chatted pleasantly with the ladies for an hour or so and made them promise to visit him again on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon they started to fulfill their promise, but on the way they were told that Mr. Crouch was dead.

         Every death we hear of is more or less shocking, but this one was doubly so because it was so sudden – so unexpected. Scarcely any one knew that he was sick, and no one suspected that he was seriously so. Men would go from one to another along the streets and say “Dee Crouch is dead,” and as the tears gathered in their eyes, they would turn and walk aw ay, without further words. It was a sad day for Center. Every man, every woman and every child in town were bowed down with grief. Dee Crouch was such a good young man, they would say, “So kind and so good-natured,” would say another. And so it went. Everybody had something to say of the noble spirit that had so suddenly flown.

         We hope to meet him again, sometime, away beyond the stars, because we all live to God, and Oh, Father, thy chastening rod so help us, thine afflicted ones to bear, that in the spirit land, meeting at Thy right hand, it will be a joy for us to find that — he is there!

SHELBY DEMOCRAT [probably buried Newburn Cemetery, Shelby County.]