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           Kissin Kuzzins is an East Texas query column entering its 43th year. It appears weekly in two East Texas newspapers: The Lufkin Daily News and The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel. Queries are free, but they must pertain to a Texas ancestor. They may be submitted by e-mail, snail mail or by FAX to 936-552-8999. Please remember to include your snail mailing address

August 31, 2014


         Clerk’s Reports from Nacogdoches County:

April to August 1836

MICHAEL FANNING                1/3 League         June 1836

F. A. TIBBLES by John Forbes   1/3 League         Pre 1 August 1836

   May to July 1839

GEO. G. ALFORD              1 league & 1 labor      May 1836

    August to December 1839

G. W. L. TIPPS                   1/3 League                  April 1836


[All reported under Class 1 although presumably they are for Class 2 settlers qualifying as Volunteers under Section 29 of the Land Law]


June 1838                            LEAGUE  LABOR

N. B. THOMPSON             1/3 Volunteer                      May 1836

MARTIN HENRY              1                         1                May 1836


George C. Lucas                  1 Volunteer        1                April 1836

L. W. Gilliam                      1                         1                April 1836

Saml M. Lucas                    1/3 Volunteer                      March 1836

Ezekiel W. Brown               1                         1                March 1836

Wm. D. Smith                     1                         1                April 1836

Andrew J. Smith                  1 Volunteer      1                April 1836

Joseph Smith                       1/3 Volunteer                      April 1836

Joseph Broyles                    1/3 Volunteer                      April 1836

Isaac Reynolds                    1                         1                June 1836

July 1838

Neely Kimbro                      1/3 Volunteer                      May 1836

P. C. H. Lennon                   1 Volunteer     1                July 1836

Wm. Burns                          1 Volunteer     1                April 1836

Wm. Ranny                         1/3 Volunteer                      April 1836

James M. Justice                 1/3 Volunteer                      April 1836

William Rogers                   1 Volunteer      1                April 1836

No H. Whitehurst                1/3 Volunteer                      July 1836

October 1838

Charley Anderson               1/3 Volunteer                      June 1836

Thos. W. Alston                  1/3 Volunteer                      June 1836

May 1839

Walter Lane                         1/3 Soldier                           March 1836

Samuel L. Barnes                1/3 Soldier                           March 1836

         Seeking information on the MDKIFF family. Emily MIDKIFF was born in Tennessee in 1818. Parents were Isaac Preston & Susanna (Howell) MIDKIFF. Susanna is listed on the 1830 Census of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Emily appeared on the Texas compiled census sub. Index 1820 - 1890, Nacogdoches County, Texas List. Other member of this family incl8ude Candace Midkiff Bean and Isaac J. Midkiff and others. Emily married Samuel TURNER in Nacogdoches in 1839. They are on the 1840 Census of Jasper County, Texas.

         Would appreciate any help on this family. Susanna is on the 1859 Texas Census living with Isaac in Walker County, Texas.

         Doris Hutson <>

An early Nacogdoches obituary

The Weekly Sentinel, June 11, 1900

The last of Nacogdoches County’s survivors of the battlle of San Jacinto has passed peacefully over the river in the death of Col. John Balch which took place at his home near Cove Springs on the 6th inst. Col. Balch came to Texas in an early day and for a half a century was a resident of Nacogdoches County. A reporter of the SENTINEL is now gathering data for an extended notice of pioneer, patriot, and honored citizen, which will appear in the near future. [John Balch, born 6 September 1812, died 3 June 1900, buried Cove Springs Cemetery]

The Weekly Sentinel, July 27, 1900

         John Balch was born near Greenville, Green County, Tennessee September 6, 1812 and died at the residence of his son, John Balch, Jr.near Attoyac, Texas June 3, 1900. He was therefore at the time of his death 87 years, 8 months and 27 days old, or 27 years longer than the allotted three score and ten. While very young he went to Mississippi and from there to the Republic of Texas, landing at Matagorda early in 1835. These were stirring times. Texas was then joined to the Mexican state of Coahuila., Santa Anna had thrown off all restraint and set himself up as dictator of Mexico, overridden the will of the people and set aside the Constitution of 1824. This was more than the Texans could stand and they made ready to resist the tyrant. Young Balch joined the small force and help in the capture of Goliad, October 9, 1835. He was with Ben Milan at the storming of San Antonio December 6, 7, and 8, 1835. And after Coss surrendered he left and started back east, afterwards joining General Houston at Harrisburg on his retreat from Santa Anna. He was at the Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836 and took an active part in that ever memorable contest. After peace was declared he returned to Tennessee, came back to Texas in 1840 and in 1841 was married to Elizabeth Rogers near where Chireno now stands. The union was blessed with11 children – 8 boys and 3 girls. Mr. Balch was a strict member of the M. E,. Church and had been for a long time.