Lonzo F. Bottom Family

Of Lawrence Co. Arkansas

If you find a match in this chart please contact Nancy Matthews. If you have a match with anyone on this chart, I will be glad to cross link with your chart. Steve & Betty Snow are also researching this line.

In this family about half the time the surname is spelled with an "s" and the rest of the time it is not. I have found records where the same person's name is spelled both ways. On the charts I have left the spelling the way I found it on their cemetery marker. Husbands and wives are spelled the same way, brothers and sisters are not always the same. Many of the members of this family are buried at either Opposition Cemetery or Snow Family Cemetery. I have lists for both of these cemeteries on my page.

I have more Bottom/Bottoms family charts. I suspect that all of these men are part of the same family. However, I do not have the connecting link. Any information with be greatly appreciated.

1  Lonzo F. BOTTOM 1871 - 1924
 +Wilma H. WADE 1876 - 1933
     2  Lizzie E. BOTTOM 1894 - 1896
     2  Gertrude BOTTOM 1896 - Unknown
      +Neal DEAN 1896 - Unknown
     2  Frank H. BOTTOM 1897 - 1900
     2  Lorine BOTTOM 1900 -
      +Marvin CHILDERS 1901 -
     2  Mary BOTTOMS 1903 -
     2  Jesse BOTTOM 1905 -
      +Carl ENGLAND Unknown -
     2  Lucile BOTTOM 1907 -
     2  Lois BOTTOM 1909 -
      +Ray ALLISON Unknown -
     2  Clarence BOTTOM 1913 -
     2  George BOTTOM 1916 -

Nancy Matthews

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