Thomas Cooper Family

Of Lawrence County, Arkansas

Thomas Cooper and Ibbie Mahala Willis married in Lawrence County, Arkansas on 20 August 1857. They remained in Lawrence County most of their lives. Thomas fought in the Civil War as a private in the 1st Arkansas Batallion. Thomas and Ibbie had seven children, two girls and five boys. One son and one daughter died young. Two of their sons became druggists and one became a doctor.
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1-- Thomas COOPER-5 (1835-1884)
 sp-Ibbie Mahala WILLIS-16 (1840-1911)
    2-- Nancy A. COOPER-17 (1858-1870)
    2-- Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" COOPER-18 (1861-1925)
     sp-John A. RHEA-24 (1854-1898)
        3-- Harry RHEA-23 (1879)
         sp-Julia MANSFIELD-25 (1885)
        3-- Annie L. RHEA-334 (1880)
         sp-James SURRIDGE-483 (1871)
        3-- Lindsey "Linnie" Anna RHEA-254 (1883-1910)
         sp-William K. SURRIDGE-333 (1869-1903)
     sp-James H. TURNER-180 (1862)
     sp-W.C. BUREL-281 (1870)
    2-- William Thomas COOPER-19 (1862)
     sp-Lena TEENOR-26 (1868)
    2-- James Wilson COOPER-20 (1865-1923)
     sp-Amanda-27 (1870-1915)
        3-- Robert Rhea COOPER-28 (1890-1946)
         sp-Maude THOMPSON-210 (1809)
         sp-Myrtle Mae FRAY-30 (1892-1975)
            4-- Gerald Elmer COOPER-31 (1912-1976)
             sp-Opal Maxine HARRIS-51 (1918-1991)
            4-- James Noel COOPER-32 (1915-1978)
             sp-Evelyn HOLDER-54 (1920)
            4-- Flora Evelyn COOPER-33 (1917-1984)
             sp-Claude William HARRIS-58 (1916-1976)
        3-- Claude L. COOPER-29 (1893-1960)
         sp-Madge SHIPP-34
            4-- Clive COOPER-35
            4-- Daughter COOPER-209
            4-- Clyde COOPER-330 (1924-1935)
    2-- Moses S. COOPER-21 (1870-1930)
     sp-Silla GRAVETT-36 (1870-1938)
        3-- Rennard R. COOPER-37 (1892-1946)
         sp-Sallye Marie PUCKETT-39 (1894-1982)
        3-- Loys V. COOPER-38 (1900-1953)
         sp-Clyde GARNEL-282 (1897)
         sp-Herbert H. TOLSON-283
    2-- Robert J. "Bob" COOPER-22 (1874-1929)
     sp-Mae MCCARROLL-40 (1874-1956)
        3-- Lereal Perkins COOPER-43 (1892)
         sp-Alta SWINDLE-50 (1900)
        3-- WILLIS S. COOPER-44 (1900-1933)
        3-- Margarette E. COOPER-45 (1909)
         sp-Henry M. RAINWATER-46 (1910)

Many of the individuals on this page are buried in Lawrence Memorial Park Cemetery in Walnut Ridge, Campbell, Arkansas. If you have a connection, I will be glad to give you additional information.

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