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The best performances include the best promotion! To aid sponsors, the Lyric Duo has developed the following materials for use in advertising and audience building.

Posters – These are 11 X 17 posters that contain our name, picture and adequate space for printing the time, date and location of the performance.

Fliers Hundreds of 5 X 8 glossy fliers containing the performers photo and biographical information are provided to ensure excellent publicity. These fliers also provide space for printing event information.

Pictures A variety of photos are sent so that sponsors will have a selection for the local papers and publicity materials.

Availability for television, radio and newspaper interviews We are happy to be available to answer questions that your local press may have to aid in their audience connections.

Press Kits a large selection of materials for concert promotion including:

  • Pre-written lead stories and press releases.
    Additional biographical information about the performers.
    Public service announcements.
    Letter to the local music critic.
  • Press Time-Line - Although unnecessary for most sponsors with years of experience, this is an excellent aid for the person who may be serving in this capacity as a committee member or first-timer. It will assist in building an audience for this and future events.

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