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Liscombe Bay Survivor Describes Experience During Ship's Sinking

Aledo --Ensign Dan Mack, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Mack of southeast of Reynolds, naval pilot who was one of the survivors of the escort carrier Liscombe Bay, which was torpedoed and sunk after action in the Gilbert Islands battle, left today with Mrs. Mack after spending part of his leave with his parents and relatives.
  Ensign Mack enlisted in the air corps in December, 1941, and after training at a number of naval air fields was assigned to duty in the South Pacific early this fall.
  He was thrown out of bed by the first explosion which followed torpedoing of the carrier, and the second believed to have resulted from the explosion of the bombs on the carrier, threw him to the deck. He was burned on his hands in leaving the ship and was in the water two hours before he was picked up.
  He expects to be assigned to duty as an instructor in the United States. He has a brother, Lieutenant Bernard Mack, who is on duty in the Pacific war zone; another brother Bill, in naval training in Chicago, and a fourth, Joe, will be commissioned a lieutenant next month at Camp Barkeley, Texas.
(Rock Island Argus, 1943)

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