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Visit Mack's For Coffee

  Over fifty persons were on hand last Friday morning for a coffee stop at Mack Hardware & Appliance store that soon is to be operated by new owners.
 Francis Mack, owner of the 53-year old firm who started as a partner with is father and Uncle in 1946, has sold the business to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gadberry of Omaha, Nebr.
  Jack is not a stranger in these parts. He was once a manager of the local P.M. Place store here about 7 1/2 years ago.
  The store is closed this week for inventory and the Gadberrys take ownership April 1.
  The chamber coffee for this Friday at 10 a.m., will be at a similar setting at Houcks. The Houck Company has leased a portion of their building to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams of Neosho, Mo., for the installation of a Western Auto store.
  The chamber of commerce sponsored coffees are informal affairs-short, congenial and lively. Bud and Stella Houck will be introducing the Williams family to the community at the event Friday.
  In 1919, brothers-in-law Lewis Mack and Leo Curry started the Curry & Mack hardware business across the street from where the store is now. After the partnership dissolved in 1956 and became just Mack Hardware, how many times have you or heard others still refer to the place by its' original name?
  It is one of Corning's favorite shopping establishments, not only because of the quality lines of merchandise it offers, but also the friendly atmosphere which si dominate.
  Franny's been around the business since he was a youngster, and "bought in" after he was discharged from the Army Medical Corps in '46. Brothers Bob, Ray, and sister Mary have worked around the store too in their day, but later took up other occupations away from the store.
  Bob is in the trucking business, Ray owns a tourist business in the Ozarks, and Mary is a Corning high school teacher.
  Fran hasn't announced his plans yet, but for the present he'll be helping Jack get started at the store. Employees Carl Lewis and Mick Templeton will remain.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gadberry have two sons and a daughter, Randy, 13, Larry, 11, and Kim, 9. The Gadberrys purchased the former John Falk residence at 6th an Grove and moved from Omaha about two weeks ago. Jack had been a pet shop store manager for a Midwest chains in Omaha recently, and previously managed similar stores in other states.
  Registering: Max Bradford, Allen Heaton, Len R. Beath, Duane Young, Bud Tice, John Muller, John McDonough, Chris Walker, Art Phillips, Pauline Cooney, Stella Houck, Henry Heaton, Don Glasgo, Olin Strait, Carl Patterson.
  John D. Jones, Harry W. Grundman, Joan Freemyeer, Wess Freemyer, Doug Sickler, Everett Carden, Stanley Brokaw, Thelma Heitsman, Jim Hoffman, Hary Peterson, Ken Kober, Bill Chapman, W. L. Houck, Bert Peckham, Gary Thompson, Austin Turner, Earle Miller, Jeff Millhollin, Don Williams, Pat Swain, Ruth Swain.
  Edna Thompson, Harry Thompson, Keith Molyneux, W. W. Swaim, Bob Cox, Gale Penfold, Kate Glasgo, Jack Cruise, Dean Davis, Eugene w. Mullin, Robert Day, Robert Dunn, Jr., Don Mach, D. Lester McKay, Bruce Wilson, Lorraine Wilson.
(Adams County Free Press, 30 March 1972)

Caption on Photo above:
From left Francis and Phyllis Mack officially announced the sale of Mack hardware and Appliance to Peggy and Jack Gadberry of Omaha, at a chamber coffee held at the firm last Friday morning. The Gadberrys take possession effective April 1. The firm was started in 1919 by the late Leo Curry and Lewis Mack. (Free Press photo)

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