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Sister Janela Mack
She's Almost An Institution

  She may not move as fast as she used to, but Sister Janela Mack hasn't lost her touch.
Ask students at Columbus High School, or patients at St. Francis Hospital. For them, Sister Janela is something of an institution.
  Since Columbus was built, and since shortly after the new hospital was erected, she's been as much a part of their architecture as masonry and light.
By day, she's a science resource teacher at Columbus. Every other evening, she, along with her friend, Sister Marcelle Hanrahan, visits the sick and troubled at St. Francis.
  Hospital visits often turn up current and former Columbus students.
  For current students, Sister Janela provides help in catching up with school work. For the old familiar faces, there might be a bit of reminiscing about the bygone days at Columbus or the even earlier days at Our Lady of Victory Academy.
  Her evening visits to St. Francis cross the lines of religion as well as time.
  Patients of all ages, races, and creeds have shared a few moments with the familiar figure, now a little stooped, with the ready smile.
  "Sometimes they'll open up and tell you about their families," she says. "Sometimes about their students in school, and sometimes they'll talk about their illnesses."
  By now she's probably heard it all, and she plans to hear a lot more.
  Sister Janela, who has two master's degrees, is modest about her age, but she hints that she celebrated her Golden Jubilee as a sister in September.
(by Pat O'Conner, Staff Writer, Waterloo Courier, Oct. 23, 1975)

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