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Outdoor Altar to Be Dedicated
 Aledo, Ill., Oct. 1. - (Argus News Service)-Above is a new outdoor altar, in face brick and stone trip in St. John's cemetery north of Viola, which was donated and constructed by Antone Comsek of Shale City, superintendent of the Hy-Tex brick plant.
  The new altar, the first of its kind in any Mercer county cemetery, will be dedicated at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, Oct. 11, at special ceremonies in the cemetery. The Rev. John T. Schield, pastor of St. Catherine's parish will have charge and the sermon will be by the Rev. Edwin Smith, C. S. R., of St. Alflonsus church, Davenport.
  The cross which surmounts the altar is about 20 feet high and the altar about 10 feet wide. All of the masonry work was done by Mr. Comsek. 
(October 1, 1942, 2009 photo)
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