Michael Conway (1839 - 1862)
Civil War Documents

(Document Source: National Archives, Washington D.C.)

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Private Michael Conway
Company Muster-in Roll
Quincy, Ill., Sept 1, 1862
Joined for duty July 31, 1862
Where: Preemption, Ill.

Died in hospital at
Nashville  Dec 1862

Michael Conway
Record of Death
Died Dec. 19th 1862
Private Michael Conway
Request for Possessions

To the person in charge of Hospital No 2 in
Nashville, Tenn.

You will please deliver to Thomas C. O'Dea
all the property goods & effects both personal & belonging
to the government of which Michael Conway, a private in Co H 84th Regt. Illinois
 lately deceased in said hospital state regrets & then need to be
given receipt for the items.
   Very respectively
    J C Pepper Capt. C Co

Delivered effects of the Bereaved
    Jon P
1 Blanket, 1 canteen, 1 haversack, 1 pair gloves, 1 cap
1 pair shoes, 1 pair boots, 1 pocket book, 2 pair socks
1 par drawers, 1 undershirt, 3 silk handkerchiefs
knife, scissors, needles + etc. + 2.10 in money
Received the above of the Nashville Wares Master
as per order above
    Thomas C. O'Dea

Private Michael Conway
Company Muster-out Roll
June 8, 1865
Michael Conway
Casualty Sheet
June 1, 1878