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Robert John Mack And Family

  Robert John Mack was born Sept. 30, 1921 in Corning, Iowa. He is the oldest son of Lewis B. and Isabelle (Curry) Mack. He attended schools at Corning and always lived in Corning except for three and a half years in the Army during World War II.
  While in grade school, Uncle Leo Curry, kept Bob supplied with ponies and as he grew older he rode gaited horses in local horse shows in Southwest Iowa. His dad sold his horse when he went into the service August 24, 1942. He attended Creighton University one semester until the Army draft stopped his education. He trained at Leavenworth, Kan., Camp Roberts, Calif. and Camp Phillips, Kan. He drove heavy tow and cargo trucks on the Alcan Highway for two severe winters. Next sent to Camp Crowder, Mo. where he served out his duty as motorcycle patrolman.
  After discharge Dec. 16, 1945, he helped in the family hardware store until brother, Frannie returned from service. He then went to work for Campbell & Tindall Garage driving a lime truck. He upset the truck due to a broken front spring, only thing hurt was his feelings but he then bought his own truck in 1946.
  In 1948 Bob and Russell Lundquist bought Pattison's Beer and Billiard Parlor and Russell sold out to him in 1950 and brother Ray ran the business for him so he could get back to truck driving. Ray bought Bob out in 1951 and renamed the business the "Red Bull."
  Robert and Patricia Ann (Johns) were married Aug. 19, 1952 at St. Patrick's Church. Patricia, daughter of Earl and Alice Johns was born at Newcomerstown, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1930, moving to Corning with her parents in 1938. She attended school in Corning and always lived here except for two years at Iowa Teachers College. She has driven a Corning community school bus since 1973. They had three children: Josetta Ann, still-born in 1953; Anthony Robert born Aug. 4, 1955 and Anne Louise, born May 19, 1959. Tony graduated from Drake University and U of Iowa physical therapy dept. and married Patty Boswell Oct. 30, 1982 and now resides in Jefferson, Iowa. Anne graduated from U.N.I. and worked for the State of Iowa in social services and recently moved to Orlando, Fla. working for the State of Florida.
  Bob and Pat resided at 308 Grove for 11 years and purchased a farm in 1962 where they now live. This provides a side income plus area for truck parking and maintenance. Submitted by Pat Mack
(History of Adams County Iowa, 1984, p. 374)

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