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Vincent McCann

  John McCann (2) (born April 7, 1846) and his wife Mary Margaret Hayes McCann (born March 21, 1850) with their six children, five daughters and one son, James (3) (born February 15, 1875) moved to Union county in late 1870's from Jacksonville, Illinois.
  They lived on Section 26, Lincoln Township, Union County. Seven more children, 5 sons and 2 daughters, were born in Union County, 13 children in all.
  John's (2) two brothers, Peter McCann (2) (born 10-25-1847) and James (2) Edward McCann (born 5-7-1849) bought farms and moved from Jacksonville, Illinois to Dodge Township and Lincoln Township, Union County.
  The three brothers had been born in New Jersey. They were the first three children born to James McCann (1) and Mary Ann McClornan McCann.
  James McCann (1) (born 6-25-1820) came from County Cork, Ireland, to Morristown, New Jersey about 1849. His wife, Mary Ann McClornan McCann (born 3-8-22 in Scotland) at a very early age moved with her parents to England. Later in 1837, she moved to the United States with her parents. She was a good friend of Queen Victoria of England. The first word she heard from England after her arrival in the U.S. in 1837 was of her friend Queen Victoria telling of her coronation.
  About 1850 the family moved to near Jacksonville, Illinois where more children were born and raised. James McCann (1) later love to Union County, Iowa where he died February 3, 1892. His wife had died in Jacksonville, Illinois on March 31, 1886.
  James McCann (3) in 1906 married Katherina Adelaide Stulz (born March 19, 1878) who had come from Germany with her parents, Joseph "Sep" Stulz and Mary Berkle Stulz, and Katherina's sister Anna Maria, later Sister Placida, O.S.B.
  James McCann (3) died in Creston in 1958 at the age of 83, Katherina McCann died in Creston in 1972 at the age of 95.
  Vincent McCann (4), youngest of their four children, lives on the family farm south of Creston, Section 14, Douglas Township, where he has been farming for about 35 years. He also is an inspector for the Iowa Commerce Commission and Iowa Department of Transportation for the past 15 years.
  His wife, Eileen Adams McCann, daughter of the late B. Clyde Adams and Lela M. Rogers Adams has been a laboratory technician at Greater Community Hospital and later Creston Medical Clinic for the past 25 years.
  Vince (4) and Eileen McCann have three children - Kathleen, Michael and V. Kirk.
Mrs. Kathleen Tapken (5) and her husband, John R. Tapken, who is Executive Officer for the Union County Conservation Commission and also farms, live on their farm in section 22, Platte Township. Kathy teaches in the Creston schools. They have four children, Douglas (6), Lisa (6), Laura (6) and Stacia (6).
  Mike McCann (5) and wife Beverly Vetterick McCann and son David (6) live in Topeka, Kansas where Mike is terminal manager for Pacific Intermountain Expressway Transportation System.
  V. Kirk McCann (5) and wife Carita Campbell with son Shane Snyder live in Orient, Iowa. Kirk is a machine operator with Burlington Northern Railroad. Vincent McCann
(History of Union County, Iowa, 1981, p. 222)

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