Michael Henry Mack

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Michael Henry Mack
b: 18 May 1884, Preemption, Illinois
m: 28 Sep 1910, Washington, Iowa
s: Mary Ethel Wheelan
d: 8 Jun 1955, Rock Island, Illinois
bu: St. Joseph's Cemetery

Michael H. Mack Family - 1936
Front Row: Francis, Mike, John, Mary, Ethel, Jim
Back Row: Dan, Joe, Leo, Bernard, Bill

Children of M.H. Mack and Ethel Wheelan (Aug 1982)
Front Row: Jim Mack, Patt (Montz) Mack, Dan Mack,
Mary (Mack) Young, Bob Young
Back Row: Francis Mack, Donna (Farwell) Mack,
Bessie (Teros) Mack, Bill Mack, Ann (Nagosky) Mack,
Joe Mack. Not present: John Mack

Michael and Ethel Mack
Tombstone in
St. Joseph's Cemetery

Mary Ethel Wheelan Mack

This picture was labeled "Mack Tribe" on the back, no names or date.
Best guess: Francis in front, then Dan, Mary, Joe, John, Leo,
and Jim on the horse, about 1931.

Ethel Mack with Mary and two of the boys,
possibly Francis and Bill, late 1920's.

The Michael Mack children in 1940.
Front Row: John, Mary, Jim, Francis
Back Row: Bill, Joe, Dan, Leo, Bernard