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Weds Sweetheart of Yore
James Hollinrake Marries Ellen Jenkinson after forty years.
(Special telegram)

  Waukegan, Ill Jan 29 - This evening James Hollinrake of Keithsburg, Ill., and Miss Ellen Jenkinson of Waukegan were married. Forty years ago they were sweethearts back in New York state. They had known each other since infancy and their Vows of Constancy were made when they were little more than children.
  Then came a quarrel and long separation. The girl resolved she would never marry. When she was seventeen years old her family move to Waukegan and a few years later Hollinrake married and came to Illinois. In 1889 he retired from business, having required a compency. About the same time his wife died.
  A short time ago Hollinrake went to Chicago on a visit. There he learned that the Jenkinson family still lived in Waukegan and he wrote a letter, addressing it to "Miss Ellen Jenkinson." He did not wait long for an answer.
  The reply told him that the sweetheart of his boyhood was still single and the correspondence continued.
  Then Hollinrake came to Waukegan and called upon Miss Jenkinson. It was after the first visit that Miss Jenkinson astonished her relatives by announcing that she was to be married.
  The ceremony was performed this evening by Rev. William E. Toll. The couple will spend the winter here and will go to Keithsburg in the spring. Mr. Hollinrake is 60 years of age and his bride is one year younger.

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