Ceredo-Kenova, West Virginia
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Long before Cleveland had "The Jake" or Arizona had "The Bob", Ceredo-Kenova had "The Mitch".  Mitch Stadium stands proudly as a community landmark on the border between the sister cities of Ceredo and Kenova.


First Season: 1955

Outfield Distances
196 205 205 205 198

In 2005, a six-foot high wooden fence, which replicates that of the Original Field in Williamsport and where the first 12 Little League World Series were played, was installed.

Playing Surface

The skin portion of the infield consists of Beam Clay Premium Infield Mix (74% clay, 14% sand, 12% silt) with a one-inch top-dressing of "Turface Pro League" calcined clay.

The infield grass, including basepaths from home-to-first and third-to-home, is Bermuda grass, maintained at a height of 1/2 inch, over a base of gravel and sand for maximum drainage.

The outfield is a level surface covered with lawn fescue, maintained at a height of 2 inches.

A 10 foot wide warning track surrounds the entire playing field.

Foul Territory

Foul territory varies between 22 feet and 24 feet, equidistant on both sides of the playing field.

The backstop is 20 feet behind home plate and extends vertically 20 feet.  The backstop is padded the bottom 3 feet with rubber conveyor material.  Balls bouncing off the backstop careen based on the spin of the ball.


Grandstand seating is available along both sides of the playing field from home plate to each dugout.  Total seating capacity of the grandstand is 500. 

The On-Deck Lawn Chair Pavilion is located along the right field line, directly behind the brick wall and extends to the right field fence.  The Pavilion is available for people using lawn chairs and is handicap accessible.

On August 14, 2009, a crowd of 3,214 along with nearly a million more viewers on ESPN watched the Little League Baseball Southeast Regional Final at Mitch Stadium in Ceredo-Kenova, WV as the team from Warner Robins – which also won the Tournament of State Champions on the same field in 2007 – defeated Chantilly, 6-3 to earn a Little League World Series Birth.

“Ceredo-Kenova and Mitch Stadium have a long tradition when it comes to Little League,” said Stephen Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, . “We’re grateful to all the volunteers in the area for stepping up so that the Southeast Regional Tournaments will have a temporary home in 2009 that rises to the level we expect from these events.”

Legendary Mitch Stadium has played host to seven previous West Virginia Little League state tournaments, the 2009 Little League Baseball and Softball Southeast Regional Tournaments, the 1968 Divisional Tournament under Little League’s previous tournament format, and is the site of the 9-10 Year-Old Little League Tournament of State Champions held annually since 2005.

Little League Baseball first came to Ceredo-Kenova in 1953.  For the first two seasons, the league operated on a field located where the Big Sandy Outlet Store sits today. After the 1954 season, commercial development and eminent domain forced the league's founding fathers to find a new playing field.

Floyd Stark, the league's first President, stepped forward and donated the land between the Ceredo Drive In Theater (now the Ceredo Shopping Plaza) and the Truax Tracer railroad spur to the league.  Stark, Grey Maynard, Herb Stephens, Ted Smith, Wetzel McCoy, and countless others set forth to build a new ballpark.  Fortunately for the generations that have followed, these men exercised foresight in constructing a facility that would outlast the term "venerable".

As construction progressed, Elmer Mitchell arrived and volunteered his services.  For 27 years he never left, making the press box his home and acting as a friend and surrogate parent to thousands of youngsters.  "Big Mitch", a Kenova police officer, became the unofficial ambassador of Ceredo-Kenova Little League Baseball, serving as groundskeeper, concession stand operator, and general sage to all who would listen.  In 1975, the C-K community honored Mitchell for his service, changing the facility's name to "Mitch Stadium".  Big Mitch continued his commitment and dedication to the league until his death in 1981.

In 1957, Harold "Had" Dale immigrated to Kenova from Iaeger and brought with him a tireless work ethic and a wonderful understanding of what a baseball field should be.  For decades, Mitchell and Dale directed the efforts of many to maintain the pristine condition of Mitch Stadium, setting a standard of excellence seldom seen outside of South Williamsport, Pa., Little League baseball's International headquarters.

The Mitch has previously hosted seven Little League Baseball state tournaments as well as the 1968 Divisional Tournament under Little League's previous international tournament format.  By 2002, the stadium was beginning to show signs of wear.  A major renovation project was undertaken.  New stadium lighting was installed, new batting cages were constructed, brick walls were built along both foul lines, new spacious dugouts were recessed to major league style, and the entire infield was resurfaced.  Community support for the renovation project was outstanding and once again Had Dale served as the final word on all suggested projects.  With the installation of video, radio, and internet capabilities, Mitch Stadium reaffirmed its reputation as one of the finest youth baseball facilities in the nation.

In 2005, Mitch Stadium was awarded the inaugural Little League 9-10 Year-Old Tournament of State Champions, providing an opportunity for 9-10 Year-Olds to play beyond the state level for the first time.  To prepare for the tournament, a six-foot high wooden fence, which replicates that of the Original Field in Williamsport where the first 12 World Series were played, was installed.

In 2009, in preparation for the Southern Regional Baseball and Softball Tournaments, work centered on the new press box and concession facilities.   Mitch Stadium has the capabilities for live radio and TV broadcasts so well as internet webcasts.  With many dedicated volunteers and community support, The Mitch looks forward to serving the youth of Ceredo and Kenova for many more years to come.

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