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        He got tired of cutting the ice into little squares to fit into the trays.


        They plant the eggs too deep.

        Uses 610 Loop

        Three.  One to eat it and two to watch the road.

        Possum on the half shell.

        To justify their handicapped parking.

        Six more weeks of bad football.

        None, it's a second year course.

        Pay him for the pizza.

        Third grade. 

        Two poor Aggies drowned at a game last year.

        It was the 1938 hide and seek champion.

        Because they keep falling through the holes in the grill.

        Because they can't find "eleven" on the phone dial.

        He's the one throwing bread to the helicopters.

        He went to see "Closed for Season".

        Pull the pin and throw it back.

        He burned his lip on the tailpipe

        One, but he gets 3 hours credit.

        He had to be because he was eating an apple while sitting next to a naked lady.

        He liked it so much that he decided to get it bronzed.

        He wanted to see what was on the other side.

        He kept throwing out all the W&W's!

        A visitor.

        Opposites attract.

        Because they get to RELOAD so often!

        They get rid of all the animals that kick.

        They're too hard to peel.

        There's whiteout on the screen.

        Donut seeds.

        Hi! Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please.

        He fell out of the tree.

        Write 'Please turn over' on both sides of a piece of paper.

        An Aggie love call.

        When there's a stamp on it.

        Not enough cement.

        Everyone drowns in spring training.

        So he could talk to himself.

        They plant the eggs too deep.

        A humanitarian.

        Because he hadn't finished coloring one of them.

        They cause too much brain damage.

        You can see toilet paper hanging on the clothes line.

        It ran out of coal.

        The man replies, "No way! My wife does it for 10."

        He said we would probably be watching TV by candlelight.

        They can't, it's a hardware problem.

        It said concentrate.

        You can park in the handicap zone.


        "Toes Go In First."

        He pees against the wind.

        Wave at him.

        Put him in a circle room and tell him to pee in a corner.

        Give him a shampoo bottle that says lather, rinse, repeat.

        100, 1 to take the shower and 99 to spit.

       They use it as a map.

        So they can wipe their feet before they go out.

        They think their picture is being taken.

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