Si sic omnes
If only this could last forever
Audaces fortuna invat
Fortune favors the bold

Ars longa
Art lives long

Per aures ad animum
Through the ears to the spirit

Ludi sine gaudio ludi non sunt
Sport without fun is not sport

Victum invideo silenti
The conquered shall envy the dead


Sine scientia ars nihil est
Without science, art is nothing

Pulchritudo in omnia
There is beauty in all things

Novus mundus
A new world

Age pro viribus
In all that you do, do your best

Ut sementuem feceris ita metes
As you sow, so shall you reap

Bis vivat qui bene vivat
Whoever lives well lives twice

Cito fit quod dei volunt
What the gods want happens soon

In hoc signo
In this sign (you will conquer)

Purgamentum exit
Garbage out

Numen lumen
Divine light is my guide

Per Aures Ad Animum
Very Golden To Mind

Diem perdidi
Another day wasted

Minima Maxima Sunt
There are least to the greatest

Nunquam Dediscebo
Never (Despair?)

Timendi Causa Est Nescire
Ignorance is the cause of fear

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