Pastoral Staff

Many have remarked, upon entering the Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist Church, that they immediately feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Since 1874, our pastors have labored among us to keep us mindful of the Spirit. Our present Pastor Paul Meadows keeps that Spirit strong, preaching the Gospel truth with fervor and conviction. He has a ready wit and much wisdom as he ministers to his congregation and to many other churches in the area, through revivals. He is unmatched in his ministry to the sick and to those with problems of any kind. He was born in Lincoln County, West Virginia; spent time in the Armed Forces; met his wife Caroline in Georgia. They have three children and four grandchildren. In May, 2012, he will begin his thirtieth year of ministry at Beulah Ann.

Submitted by Mildred Caldwell

Pastor Paul & Caroline Meadows