Sporting Programs at Beulah Ann

At Beulah Ann we sponsor two Mens Softball Teams for our men to participate in an Association sponsored league. We play a 28 games season this year against teams from Huntington, Barboursville, Ona & Milton in West Virginia. Our men, and our fans, enjoy the competition and most of all the chance to fellowship with other men of the Faith. Our season will run from April until late July and has been eagerly anticipated by many in our church and community. We require at LEAST one church service per week to be eligible to participate, however, most men can be regularly found serving the Lord whether in services or in the community.

Once we complete the Mens Softball season we start the Co-Ed League which will run from late July or early August thru September or early October. 1997 was the first year for Co-Ed in our league and many of the men stated "That's more fun than the Mens League." Many of the women enjoyed playing ball as well.

In the winter time we offer boys (middle school & high school) as well as men, girls & women the opportunity to compete on the HARDWOOD. In recent years this program has become so popular that we have had to sponsor two teams in each division (middle school, high school & mens). Most nights of the week in the winter time will find our coaches on the road taking our men & boys to play basketball 3,4 & sometimes 5 nights a week.