Welcome to the site. This is a Christian site and has songs you can play by clicking the button of the song you want to hear. "The Old Regular Baptist consisting of associations New Salem, Sardis, Union, Old Friendship, Philadelphia, Northern New Salem and the Old Indian Bottom. You will find on this site directions to all the Sardis churches and pictures of the churches. We also have have some History of the Old Regular Baptist, a Circular Letter by Elder Bobby Scott, a link to all the minutes of the Sardis Association listed with the Pikeville Library. Also you will find our Articles of Faith. We believe that you must have faith in Jesus Christ to be saved, after you believe you will receive the gift of eternal life and when death comes God will send His Angels to carry our souls to Heaven until the resurrection when Jesus will fulfill his promise of delivering the body from the grave united with the soul, but a changed body from a corruptible to an incorruptible and He will take the whole man to where God is in Heaven where we shall live forever without pain or death, neither will there be any tears there. God bless everyone who enters this site and we pray you will enjoy it.The picture of the red brick church is the Old Narrows Branch Church located at Hardy, Ky. The baptism is being preformed by Elder Bobby Scott and Elder Frankie Scott. The couple being baptized are Kelly and Mildred Stanley of Narrows Branch. Please sign the guest book located at the bottom of this page.. "










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                                          Precious Memories

Old Regular Baptist History

Articles of Faith

History of Sardis  



Sardis 1946 Lower Brushy

Millennium Reign

Sardis Association MinutesSardis Churches


The  Valley by BScott        The Lonely Graveyard                                                 

Because He Love Me         Lord I want to be                                                   

Someday        Ride out your Storm                                                   

The Letter         

   Oh Look What I Traded            

  Tempted and Tried           

Winner either Way        

(new) The Door of Mercy         

Beulah Land         

  Safe at Home         

Zions Hill        

4 Days Late       



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These are personal songs I sing when I get up to preach.

We "line out" our songs in the Church Services.


I no longer publish The Baptist Song Book.

I may start again next year.



First Scott who came in to Pike County Kentucky is as follows

William Scott, born 1764 at Bedford, Va and burried on                

Bobby Scott Cemetery, at Hardy, Kentucky on Narrows Branch.

Link    Article in Williamson Daily News about restoring cemetery

Link   Also Page Six