" YOUTH in 2009 "

Blazing Saddles Junior Youth Blazing Saddles Junior Youth

Ben Johnson, president with Lucchese Cogdell - 1st
Jake Baca accepting for Cherob Whittington - 2nd
Jesse Chase - 3rd

Blazing Saddles Senior Youth

Blazing Saddles Senior Youth

Ben Johnson, president with Roger Brandt - 3rd
Cash Carpenter for Ryder Carpenter - 1st
Luke Abraham - 2nd

Blazing Saddles Top Hand
Blazing Saddles Top Hand

Ben Johnson, president; Julia Baca,sponsor
Roger Brandt - Top Hand
Bonnie Abraham, sponsor.
Blazing Saddles Top Hand Award was presented in memory of Shania Randles.

Billy Cogdell Youth of the Year
Billy Cogdell Memorial Award
Bette and Jim Cogdell present the Billy Cogdell Youth of the Year award to Jesse Chase

Roxanne Chase Memorial Award
Roxanne Chase Award

Roger Brandt with proud parents, Skip & Elaine Jones

Blazing Saddles Shootout

Louis Abraham(center) won the buckle
Brett Green, Cash Carpenter and Colton Cogdell received gift cards