Property trail of John of Goochland and sons
by Mary Galgan

I have a document proving my John of Goochland owned land on the North side of the James River in Henrico Co., VA prior to 1732. From what I understand, his land was in present day City of Richmond, very near the Capital. I haven't found documentation for how or when he acquired this land, but below you will see the proof of him selling it:

1732 - 5 Feb 1732 - John FELPS of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., sells to James COCKE of County and Parish of Henrico, for 4000 lbs. tobacoo, land on the north side of Shockoe Creek at the mouth of Bacon branch, 60 acres, which the said FELPS bought of Thomas WOOD, Jr. Wit.: Wm. COCKE, Joseph BINGLEY. Signed: John (F) FELPS, recorded 1st Monday in Feb. 1732. Margaret, wife of John, relinquished her dower right. Henrico Co., Virginia Deeds 1706-1737, p. 381.
*Note - 1735 - James COCK of Henrico Co., Gent., 88 acres in said County on N. side of James River & Shockoe Creek, on E side of Cannon's Branch, up W. side of Johnston Branch; adj. Luke SMITH, John GUN, Thomas WOOD, within 39 foot of said COCK's Dwelling House; 1 Aug. 1735, p.99. 10 Shillings. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Bk. No. 16. Also in 1691 a James COCKE married Mrs. Eliza PLEASANTS, in Henrico Co., VA on Jan. 11th., Capt. Thomas COCKE, surety. Source - MARRIAGES - St. Johnís Church, Henrico Co.,Virginia. I wonder if this is the same James COCK. And, James COCKE married Mary, daughter of John PLEASANTS, Quaker, in 1700, Henrico CO., VA. Joseph PLEASANTS married Martha COCKE, on May 15, 1699, in Henrico Co.,Virginia. Same source.

Four and a half months earlier, on 17 Sept. 1731, John purchased his first land (known to me) on the South side of the James River. It was still in Henrico Co., at that time, but later became Goochland, then Cumberland, then Powhatan. (see below)

1731 - Henrico Co. Patent Book 14, p. 340. John PHELPS purchased 800 acres (N.L.) in Henrico Co., VA on the South side of James River, on West side of WATSON's branch. 17 Sept. 1731. 4 lbs. Money. - from Early VA Families. (*N.L. means New Lands.) (see 1732) Also found in Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. III, p. 408.

So John started out in Richmond area in 1731.

As for his sons William & Samuel, they moved a lot. Every decade of so.:
1731-1755 in Goochland/Cumberland Co., VA.

1755-1763 in Lunenburg Co., present day Mecklenburg Co. - Boydton. Wm. & Samuel owned the plot of land that the first Courthouse of Mecklenburg County was built on. Also is the site of the Old Boyd Tavern, an Historical Landmark today. (see below)

1763-1768 "my" William was living in Amherst Co., VA while Sam moved back to Cumberland Co. and lived along the Appomattox River. (see 2nd entry below)

1768-1778 William lived in Buckingham Co., VA, present-day Appomattox Co., near or on the James River near Wreck Island Creek. (see below 3rd entry) William moved to Kentucky where his sons were stationed as Rev. War soldiers and never went back to VA.

1778 on Samuel remained in Cumberland and died there in 1790.

1760 - 1 July 1760 - Lunenburg Co. Deed Bk. 6, p.132, 133, 134, 135. William PHELPS of Lunenberg County and the Parish of Cumberland sold 531 acres of land in the afore said County and Parish to John JEFFRIES of the same County and Parish for the consideration of Two hundred and fifty (250) Pounds Current Money. Land on the west side of the Horsepen Branch to the largest fork of the south fork of Allen's Creek meandering down to the mouth of the Horsepen Branch. Signed in the presents of William JONES, Samuel PHELPS, Christopher COLEMAN. On the same day Sarah PHELPS, wife of William PHELPS relinquished her right of Dower.
*Note - On the same day, 1 July 1760, William's brother, Samuel Phelps, sold his 580 acres in Lunenburg Co., VA, located on the south folk of Allen Creek (adjacent to William's) to Richard SWEPSON. In 1764/5 when Mecklenburg County was carved out of Lunenburg County, the meeting concerning that formation was held in the home of Richard SWEPSON on that property on the south folk of Allen's Creek, previously owned by Samuel PHELPS. The first Courthouse of Mecklenburg County was built on his property. Richard SWEPSON sold this property to his son, Richard SWEPSON, Jr., on April 12, 1779. On Sept. 8, 1794 Richard SWEPSON, Jr. sold it to Alexander BOYD and it became the site of the Old Boyd Tavern, an Historical Landmark today.

1763 - 17 Jan. 1763 - Cumberland Co., VA Deed Bk. 3, p.361- from Patrick CORNER, of the county of Buckingham, to Samuel PHELPS, of Cumberland Co. Samuel bought 143 acres with the Plantation, being part of the Patent granted to John WATKINS and bound by the Appomattox River, Richard RANDOLPH's line northeast across MABRY's Branch....... (unclear)... Signed (Marked) by Patrick CORNER and Ellenner CORNER. Witnessed by William WALKER, Susanns TERRY, John WOODSON, Wm. JOHNS. [Copy in file]

1771 - This is a Platt of 378 acres of Land in Buckingham County on the branches of Wreck Island Creek and joining the lines of Christian WHITNEY and Jeremiah WHITNEY (Gent.). Surveyed for William PHELPS, noted as (mulatto), the 21st August 1771. By Henry Bell, Surveyor. Plat Bk., p20. Copy of Plat in file.

All that to say, ...John of Goochland started (so far) in Henrico Co., VA. His sons lived as far south in VA as 10 miles from the NC boarder (which we know was fluid) across the John H. Kerr Reservoir. And they lived as far west as Amherst Co., VA.