Current Local Weather Conditions near Rigolette Bayou

Detailed Weather Conditions

Location: Rigolette Bayou, Central Louisiana, USA
Longitude: 92 28.034' Latitude 31 22.823'"
Elevation: 90 feet
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Conditions at
8/11/20 11:06
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Sunrise:  6:35            Sunset:  19:58

moon phase
Moonrise: 0:08         Moonset:  13:39
Current: 90.2F
Today's High: 90.3F at 11:04 
Lo: 73.0F at 6:47
Average (1-hr): 86.8F

Current: 3.42F/hr
High: 6.33F/hr at 9:26
Lo: -0.46F/hr at 6:25

Current: 79.3F
High: 79.3F at 11:00 
Lo: 75.4F at 1:48
Average (1-hr): 78.4F 

temperature and heat index or wind chill

soil temperaturegreenhouse  temperature
Current: 69%
High: 97% at 8:13 Lo: 69% at 11:05
Average (1-hr): 79%

Current: -9.9%/hr
High: 2.0%/hr at 8:13
Lo: -10.1%/hr at 9:29

Current: 61%
High: 61% at 11:03 
Lo: 53% at 0:00
Average (1-hr): 59%


Current: 2 mph
High: 8mph at 10:19 
Average (1-hr): 2 mph
Beaufort Scale: Light Air

Current: SW
Average (1-hr): 250


wind direction
temperature and heat index or wind chill
Annual Rainfall:  46.12 in
Monthly Rainfall:   0.31 in
Daily Rainfall:  0.00 in
Hourly Rainfall:  0.00 in
Rainfall Rate:  0.000 in/hr

Rainfall in Last 24 hours: 0.00 in
Avg Rainfall in July: 4.66 in
Avg YTD for end of July:  32.96  in
Note that intense rainstorms are not recorded accurately with a tipping bucket rain gauge and the
 actual rain will be greater than that shown until I make a manual adjustment later.
Last adjusted July 30, 2020.

Heating Degree Days
Time of Day

rainfall and wind speed


Current: 29.94in
High: 29.94in at 10:03 
Lo: 29.90in at 2:06
Average (1-hr): 29.94in

Current: 0.004in/hr
High: 0.015in/hr at 8:23
Lo: -0.002in/hr at 10:49

barometer and relative humidity
Time of Day
Heat Index
Current: 105.8F
High: 110.6F at 11:01 
Lo: 79.2F at 6:47
Average (1-hr): 102.1F
Heat Stress:  Danger

Wind Chill
Current: 90.2F
High: 90.3F at 11:04 
Lo: 73.0F at 6:47
Average (1-hr): 86.8F

Yearly Degree Days Heating:  913.9F
Yearly Degree Days Cooling:  1890.9F

Evapotranspiration Sunshine
Daily Average: 0.01 in
Monthly Average:  0.06
Annual Average:  0.04
Daily High:  0.04 in
Time of Daily High:  11:00

Evapotranspiration graph
UV index

UV Index for 5 days

Solar Radiation

Solar radiation for 5 days

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