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A Minecraft Bedrock Map Creator

I had a group of friends that I used to play Dungeons & Dragons with every week. I was usually the Dungeon Master (the person who made and controlled the games). I developed a passion for creating my own worlds, maps, and scenarios for the other players to play through.
Minecraft Bedrock Edition allows me to continue that passion, with all of you as my players!

Hope you enjoy my maps, download them and let me know what you think!

Class War

Class War
A Minecraft Bedrock Survival Map

Welcome to Class War!

This is just a capture the flag type map. However, ANY SEED CAN BE USED AS YOUR BATTLEGROUND! There are two teams (Red and Blue). Flags are already placed, so after you pick your SPECIAL CLASS, go find the flags for your team and start building your fort to protect the flags. After a time limit (or not), battle each other and try to capture the opposing teams flags.

For the person starting this map:

Create any new world using a seed or randomly, make sure to activate the ClassWar Behavior Pack in the world before you create the world.
You will also need to "Activate Cheats", to call the functions.
After clicking on "Create" and the world starts...type /tp 0 64 0 in the chat.
After you teleport to the 0-0 coordinate, look around and load in the area around you.
Then type /function StartWar in chat.
You will be teleported inside a small fort at 0-0 (which is now set to world spawn for future players joining) and the flags will be placed in the world.

For Everyone:

After joining the world, you should start off in a safe fort built at 0-0

**First decide how to choose teams (Blue or Red).
This can be done using any method you seem fit.
**The Red Flags (red glazed terracotta) are at -100 64 -100. This is where the Red Fort is to be built!
**The Blue Flags (blue glazed terracotta) are at 100 64 100. This is where the Blue Fort is to be built!
**There can be a time limit of some sort set, to build the forts. (Or Not)
**Decide what Class you would like to be.

* Type in chat "/function Carpenter"
You are the builder of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Chainmail
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Haste
Starting Equipment: Most tools and supplies needed to start building right away!

* Type in chat "/function Cleric"
You are the healer of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Chainmail
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Stone
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Resistance (you also start with a Totem of Undying)
Starting Equipment: Most tools and supplies needed to brew potions right away!

* Type in chat "/function Dragonkin"
You are the 'In the Air' spy of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Diamond (leggings and boots only, Dragon Skull and Elytra must always be worn!)
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Iron
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Night Vision
Starting Equipment: Lots of Flight Rockets!

* Type in chat "/function Drownkin"
You are the underwater person of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Chainmail
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Trident Only/Iron
Allowed Shield: No
Ability: Conduit Power
Starting Equipment: Loyalty Enchanted Trident

* Type in chat "/function Enchanter"
You are the magic person of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: leather
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Wooden/Stone
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Regeneration
Starting Equipment: Complete Enchanting set up along with 100 Levels!

* Type in chat "/function Fighter"
You are the tank of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: diamond (or better for future updates)
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Diamond/Stone
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Strength & Health Boost
Starting Equipment: All Iron Armor and Weapons, Stone Tools

* Type in chat "/function Ranger"
You are the woodland scout of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Leather
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Bow & Axe Only (No Sword Allowed)/Iron
Allowed Shield: No
Ability: Speed & Jump Boost
Starting Equipment: You can shoot a lot of rabbits from afar!

* Type in chat "/function Thief"
You are the sneaky one of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Leather
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Crossbow & Stone Sword Only/Wooden
Allowed Shield: No
Ability: Invisibility & Weakness
Starting Equipment: You better start thieving!

* Type in chat "/function Trapper"
You are the Trap Maker of the group.
Maximum Armor Allowed: Diamond
Maximum Weapon/Tool Allowed: Diamond/Iron
Allowed Shield: Yes
Ability: Slow Falling
Starting Equipment: Start building Redstone traps to protect your flags!

* Type in chat "/function Info" for the above information again.

Minecraft Bedrock Survival Spunkie Stream Server featuring The Pony Express Game!

Minecraft Bedrock Survival Spunkie Stream Server featuring The Pony Express Game!

While Streaming on Twitch, a lot of people have asked to join me playing. I found a free server (now updated to a full paid server, thanks to allybanz donations) that we can use during my streams and we can play together!
This map contains:
1. Spunkie Spires
2. Amusement Park area, containing a Rollar Coaster, 2 Mazes, Pillager Maze, Elytra Course, MiniGolf, and Bow and Arrow Challenge.
3. Several builds by the Spunkie Server Players.
4. Pony Express Game
What's the Pony Express Game?
There are several Pony Express Stables around the Map. Start off by removing all items (have your inventory empty), Pick a Stable to start at, each player chooses a delivery destination and horse from the dispensers. Then get that horse and ride to the delivery destination. If you pass a stable that is not your destination, you pick a new horse from that stable, place the paper from your original horse into the dispenser (for the next person), get on your new horse and continue your ride. Continue until you get to your destination, drop off the Destination Paper into the Drop Off Barrel and Horse Paper into the dispenser, Choose a new destination and horse and continue to that destination. The first person to make 5 deliveries...Wins!

Community Castle: A Minecraft Bedrock Server/Realm/Multiplayer/Singleplayer map!

Community Castle: A Minecraft Bedrock Server/Realm/Multiplayer/Singleplayer map!

Welcome to Community Castle.
This map is designed for Dedicated Bedrock Servers (this is what we will start playing on January 2nd, 2020 6-8pm CST), Realms, Multiplayer, or Singleplayer.
The concept of this map is that anywhere from 1 - 16 players build their own tower, their own design. Then build them together with a wall design to complete the Castle that surrounds a Zombie Village. The tower locations are randomly chosen. There is a Job Board, that the different players can work together on farms and whatever else you want for your castle.
Community Castle Rules:
* This map is to be played in "Hard" mode. Your strength will be working together!
* For Video,Creative, and the sake of the beautiful seed purposes, duplicating will be allowed for building materials, redstone components, and flight rockets only!
* Items not allowed to duplicate are: Armor, Weapons, Totems, Diamonds, Emeralds, etc. (any questions ask Spunkie).
* The only duplicator allowed on this map is in the center of the city. No other duplicators are allowed!
(Above can be decided by owner)
What to do on this map:
* Click the button of the dispenser to find out where your tower's position is going to be and mark with a sign that has your name on it.
* The tower's diameter is limited to the circle (31), but there is no height limit.
* The walls are a decision made between tower owners.
* The walls should be 3 thick, so we have a path to each others tower, by going through the walls. Note: the big circle is marking the walk path inside the walls.
Job Board:
* Check the Job Board, there are jobs listed on signs.
* If your interested in fulfilling the job, just remove the sign (put in chest provided, plz) and build the farm or do the job.
* Farms can be Standard or Redstone (please note Redstone Rules).
* When building farms, please make sure it is going to be big enough to support the community. For example, we would rather have 1 farm to support 8 players, as opposed to 8 separate farms.
* We should probably put farms in districts. For example, let's build all the wheat, carrot, potato, beetroot farms all near each other.
* Know a job that needs to be done or need help with a job, just post a sign on the Job Board with your name and job.
* Everyone, please keep an eye on the Job Board even if your not interested in a job currently. There could be other notices posted there also.

So, get your friends and build a Community Castle together!

The Box

The Box
A Minecraft Bedrock Survival Map

On your way to a village to gather supplies...a sudden earthquake hits! You discover yourself inside an invisible box!
You will have to deal with bug infestations, disease, and murder!
Do you have what it takes to get the box down and get out, before you run out of food?

Infestations, diseases, murderers, and some chests are all randomized for ultimate replayablility!

Disclaimer: You will not be able to use Hoes or Fishing Rods while The Box is present!

1.11 Compatible!

Seed: -726566274

The Curse of Jungle Island

The Curse of Jungle Island
Minecraft Bedrock Survival World

Legend has it...through the last several hundred years, pirates have buried their treasures on this island. One of the treasures is reported to be a large wooden crate filled with treasures, buried deep under the island.

Your not sure how true these rumors are, however, treasure chests have been found on this island in the past. You also know something unique about this island...all of the caves underneath have been filled with stone long ago.

You head out to the "War Room", an abandoned Jungle Temple, to start your survival and do some digging.

Can you find the Treasure Crate?
What other treasures are on this island?

1.11 Compatible!

Seed: -1419375928

Bedrock Zoo

Minecraft Bedrock Zoo Survival Series
A Minecraft Bedrock Survival Map

Experience the adventure of the Bedrock Zoo!

This is a zoo built between two towns. We have discovered mineshafts galore (most unexplored), a coral reef, an Ocean Monument, 3 Nether Fortresses, Jungle, Stronghold with the End Portal (and more unexplored mineshafts), and a Woodland Mansion!

There is a Bedrock Zoo Nether Railway to all of the above structures. It's a fun ride...check it out! Watch out for the Ghasts...

There is a Bedrock Zoo Railway going all the way around the zoo with stops to all the attractions including a Desert Temple, Jungle Temple, Witch Hut in a Swamp setting , Woodland Mansion, Nether Fortress, End Ship, a Phantom Maze, and a full 360 view Aquarium!

Fun for the kids with a Petting Zoo and Llama rides!

Getting hungry? Take a stop at the Food Court and fill up on all types of foods while watching Zombies, Villager Zombies, and Drowned fall!

Want to relax? Spend some time in the Bedrock Gardens complete with a huge fountain!

In the evening, you should go to the Bedrock Zoo Observation Tower and enjoy the splendid view of the zoo!

Check out the Bedrock Zoo Survival Series and enjoy the thrill of making the Zoo!

This map was completely built in Survival!

Seed: 1526565007

The Curse of Jungle Island

The Drow
A Minecraft Bedrock Survival Map

This is a land of tamable, ride-able pet spiders and nasty Dark Elves. You start in the town of Davenport where you can build yourself up quickly (recommended, if you want to tangle with the Dark Elves early) or play as normal survival and use the town as a starting point. It's up to you. These Elves can be very tricky, so ask some friends for help and play multiplayer! Hope you enjoy...and try not to die too many times :)

Now updated for 1.11!

Seed: 1423575301

Currently doing a Let's Play YouTube series on this map. Click the button below to Join of the fun of...The Drow!

The Curse of the Mandrake

The Curse of the Mandrake
A Minecraft Bedrock Survival Map

You start at the nose of the cruise ship Mandrake. Unfortunately it ran aground. The Mandrake, however, has several loot chests and you can trade with the crew and passengers. Be as prepared as possible before nightfall (if you plan to survive the first night). After the first night you can use the Mandrake as your home base. Wonderful Survival World (lots of great things close at hand). There is a hint at the back of the ship. Good Luck and Enjoy!

Now updated for 1.11!

Auction House

Auction House
Minecraft Bedrock Survival World

Stop throwing stuff into lava to dispose of, what you thought were, items you don't want or need...come to the Auction House, where you can auction your items for emeralds!

Seed: 1526565007

Poker Run

Poker Run
Minecraft Bedrock Edition Map

There are 5 Check Points. At each Check Point you receive a playing card. This creates a poker hand at the end to determine the winner. This is popular where I am from...we have them on our local lake (boat from one check point to another), bikers do this a lot too. This is usually done to collect money for a good if you like this map, show your appreciation by donating (even if it's only $1) to your local charity. Thank you and enjoy the map.

1.11 Compatible!

Random Stadium

Random Stadium
Minecraft Bedrock Edition Map

This is no ordinary stadium. It is actually created randomly. You should never play the same stadium twice! Invite your friends and play PVP or go solo and have your opponents randomly chosen for you. There is plenty for spectators too! Some of the stadium can help and some can be careful!

1.11 Compatible!


Minecraft Bedrock Edition Map 

A chess board where you can ride mobs like horses to move your pieces (mobs). You use an armor stand to capture a piece. Reset the board is one button away. Loads of fun for you and a friend!

Pet Spider

Pet Spider
Behavior Pack

Want to have a Pet Spider in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition? No problem. You can tame the spider similar to a horse (hint: they love rotten flesh). Once tamed you can saddle it and ride similar to a horse (and are they fast!). When not riding it, it will follow you like a puppy, so your ride is always close at hand. If this is inconvenient, you can leash them to a post. They also have a super jump!

Download, install, and have fun!

The Drow Resource/Behavior Packs

The Drow
Minecraft Bedrock Resource and Behavior Packs

Want The Drow in any map? No problem! Just install these Resource and Behavior Packs into any world.

Once installed any naturally spawned Witches, Vindicators, and Evokers in your world will be The Drow! Any Spider naturally spawned has a good chance of having any one of the types of Drow Riders!

An Evoker riding a Spider is very dangerous!

Increase the difficulty of any map!

Map currently working on...Kingdom of Erart.
There is special language using standard blocks as letters (Hyroglyphs), that you will have to figure out in order to complete the map.
I'm doing alot of it on YouTube...
Create the Kingdom of Erart Map

SpunkieMunkie Patreon Page!

* You can have your name used in the next map (as NPC, Village, Item, etc.).
* Receive access to a Discord Server were we talk out our ideas for maps together.
* Or all of the above, plus also receive access to the Patreon Only Survival Spunkie Server!


Bull Shoals, Arkansas