Man fears Time, yet Time fears the Pyramids

imagePhotographs taken on my trip to Egypt

imageAncient Egyptian Resource List

imageGuide to Egyptian Civilization

imagePapyrus Chronicles

imageAncient Egyptian Religion

imageAncient Worlds - Where History Comes Alive

imageThe World in Focus: Egypt

imageAncient Egypt Online

imageEgypt Gift Shop - Online shop for Egyptian gifts and souvenirs as well as an online guide to Egypt which includes information on Egyptian habits and tips to vistors of Egypt.

imageSinai - Egypt's beauty

imageNilestone - A unique Collection of Egyptian handmade jewelry and personalized gifts.

imageComprehensive list of Ancient Egyptian Kings

imageTop-Art - Jean-Pierre Remy, a Belgian painter passionately fond of Ancient Egypt. Paintings from photos, Frames, African Art.

imageEgyptian Dreams - Replica Egyptian statues and figures, hand painted papyrus paintings, Egyptian collectables, oil burners, leather items, canopic jars and more...

imageAbsolute Egyptology

imageModern Egyptian Art - by Daniel Estebe

imageThe Light of Egypt - Original paintings depicting everyday life in Ancient Egypt.

imageGateway to Ancient Egypt - Take a journey back in time.

imageAncient Egypt ~ Link with Australia - Egyptian hieroglyphs found in New South Wales.

imageSite of the Soul - featuring books of the soul

imageExploring Ancient Egypt - an Internet Sampler on Egypt put together by Judy Roberts. Judy is a teacher for the DuPage County, Illinois School District. Her interest in her student's learning is only outweighed by her wonderful imagination.

imageVirtual Egypt - We welcome you to Virtual Egypt, a cooperative project built by the Egyptian residents of Ancient Sites.

imageThe British Museum - Department of Egyptian Antiquities

imageThe Egyptian Museum, Cairo

imageThe Official Website for Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of the Giza Pyramids

imageEgypt Revealed - Scientific American's "Discovering Archaeology"

imageCheck out the newest find in Egypt - The Valley of the Golden Mummies

imageEgyptology at UCLA

imageUniversity of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art

imageGuardians Egypt

imageEgyptology Resources

imageEgypt WWW Index

imageMark Millmore's Ancient Egypt Page

imageAncient Egypt FAQ & Mythology

imageEgyptian "Book of the Dead"

imageReeder's Egypt Page

imageSENET - Download the Windows version of this ancient board game

imageKMT - A modern journal of Ancient Egypt

imageHieroglyph Font for Windows!

imageTravel to Egypt

imageTour Egypt - Ministry of Tourism

imageThe Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt

imageAncient Egyptian Art

imageMiddle Egyptian Hieroglyphs

imageCentre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research

image"Life in Ancient Egypt" an article by Sandra Shaw

imageAncient Egyptian Papyrus Art

imageKings & Queens of Ancient Egypt

imageThe Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

imageSee your name written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs

imageA Short Introduction to Hieroglyphs

imageHieroglyph Translator

imageThe Giza Mapping Project

imageSummaries of notable Egyptian Gods

imageImage of the Giza Plateau (including the pyramids) taken from the Space Shuttle

imageThe Great Pyramid.

imageMystical Journeys to Egypt - First class tours.

imageSecrets of the Sphinx. - Mysteries of the Ages Revealed.

imageAkhentef's World - May you find peace, serenity and knowledge here.

imageNILE - Northern Illustrated Lectures in Egyptology


imageThe Egyptian Galleries - Excellent photographs and artwork.

imageAustralian Centre for Egyptology

imageAncient Egypt resources for history teachers

imageFROM DOT TO CLEOPATRA by Alun Buffry B.Sc - Alun Buffry's From Dot to Cleopatra takes out the confusion and presents the facts and the mystery in a plain-speaking guide which takes the reader from year dot before the beginning of recorded history to the time of Cleopatra's death.

imageNeferkiki's Ancient Egypt links for teachers and students.

imageCoptic Music Web Site - To which ages return back Coptic Church's hymns?... Are they from the Ancient Egyptians' time as some people claim? May be Islamic ages?... Who did, in vain write the words and who did compose the music.

imageEgyptian Shisha waterpipes - A website for the visitors who are also smokers.

imageEgypt: Gift of the Nile - Seattle Art Museum.

imageGuardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection

imageThe Ancient Egypt Site - created by Belgian Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer

imagePapyrus of Ani, Egyptian Book of the Dead - 240 BC, Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge

imageEgyptian Antiquity Information

imageAncient Egyptian Astrological Guidance

imageEgyptian Antiquity Information - Travel Guide to Cairo

image3 Pyramids - An interesting ancient Egypt page from Alia Mabrouk, who lives in London

imageMalikahTi's Homepage - An excellent page with some great trip journals

imageEgyptology Resources from Cambridge University

image"The Cat Goddess Bast" - Original sketches and Artwork by Jennifer Morton.

imageWho's who of Ancient Egypt

imageThe History of Ancient Egyptian Medicine - lots of great sites to visit.

imageAkhet Egyptology - one of the UK's oldest Ancient Egypt websites.

imageThe Amarna Site

imageEgyptian museum exhibits - Links to many museums around the world. - The Site For Ancient Egyptian Mystery.

imageEgypt Art and Architecture

imageEgyptian Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

imageAncient Egyptian Medicine

imageEgypt Search Engine

imageTravel Guide to Egypt from

imageAncient Egypt Teacher Resource File

imageAlexandria Egypt, the shining pearl of the Mediterranean

imagePhotos d'Egypte

imageDigital Mummies

imageProject Khufu - Let's build a pyramid. - The domain of Bast

imageThe Cat Goddess Bast

imageThe Faces of Bast

imageGalleries of Egypt Art

imageEgyptian Music

imageEgypt - History & Mythology

imageWho built the Great Pyramid?

imageA whole host of things pertaining to ancient Egypt

imageJust how good is your knowledge of ancient Egyptian history?

imageTake this ancient Egypt quiz - if you're up to it!

imageEgyptian mummification

image "Egyptian Candy" - many links to websites about ancient Egypt

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