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So who is Tom Grant? He's the guy on the photo, and he is an American detective. You can read more about him on this page! He has investigated the death of Kurt Cobain. In his investigation he presents a lot of material and information that should prove that Kurt actually was murdered. I would also like to recommend the books, "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" and "Love & Death" by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace. You can find it at your local book store. You may also want to see the documentary "Kurt and Courtney", directed by Nick Broomfield.

All the following files have been written by Tom Grant. I have not edited the content, so e-mail sent using the links will be returned to sender.

A introduction to the case
Summary of Events
Info about the updates
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Section B
Section C
Section D
Section E
Section F
Additional information and comments
Frequently asked questions
Letters from readers
All the files are copyrighted to Tom Grant, and some may be a bit outdated

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My Opinions On A Few Matters

The "Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers" Debate

Roger Lewis claims that Kurt injected three times the lethal dose of heroin and could not have fired the shotgun. Bradley Speers claims that Kurt did not inject that much heroin can could have fired the shotgun. Please read both sides of the debate.

My archive of Lewis' original essay
My archive of Speers' rebuttal and Addendum
My archive of Lewis' response to Speers (archived from usenet)
My archive of Speers' reply to Lewis' response
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