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The Not So Big Cottage
Your Architect no longer has to live down the street from you to provide custom residential services for your new home.  New advances in design tools, email, faxing and even snail mail make long distance residential services as fast & even more convenient than traditional services of the past.  Of course, this Architect offers traditional in-studio meetings; the first 1/2 hour is gratis.                                             


Click the buttons below to see other examples of how our services have produced a Dream House from clients' imagination and desires.  Wouldn't you prefer to have a house conform to your lifestyle and care for you, instead of the traditional reverse for a change?   Email us for more details or if you wish, call/message/fax 979-696-1262 or mail 1504 Quail's Nest, Studio A, College Station, TX 77845
Gause, TX  Retirement Cottage with Grand View top of hill
Dr. Canales
Springbrook Estates Drive
the Not So Big House
  • Who am I?

    Grandfather - Civil Engineer, Manager - Adolphus Hotel, Dallas

    Grandmother - descendant Cotter & Co. (True Value Hardware)

    Grandfather - Owner - Vaughn Lumber Co., & a founder of Chandler, AZ

    Grandmother - Realtor, Los Angeles

    Father - Eagle Scout, Hon. Capt. US Air Force, North American Aviation/P-51 Mustang, Dallas V.P. & Manager Shearson, Hammill & Co. (Stocks/bonds/investments)  ..Big Brother, Hope Cottage

    Mother - Red Cross volunteer & many other charities, Quarter horse show trainer, show dogs breeder

    Sister - Joy Ride, Psychology Masters, Autism Counselor, Quarter horse awards           ALS death

    Wife - UT/Aggie/Ashford U Masters, CPA @ TAMU/KAMU (PBS) retired, Church 2s School leader

    Son - Aggie Landscape Architect, former Aggie Water Polo (Nationals), Captain HS Swimming/Water Polo

    Daughter-in-law - Aggie Veterinarian and from/of Aggie Vet/Science family

    Daughter - SHSU - award winning website designer @ TAMU TEEX

    Son-in-law - Heavy machinery/tractor-trailer operator/driver, farmer

    Daughter - Texas State Univ/Suffolk Law, food industry Boston area

    Son-in-Law - Boston Publisher

    Son - Eagle Scout, Aggie Construction Science, former Aggie Water Polo, Captain HS Swimming/Water Polo, US Army Helicopters mechanic

    Daughter-in-law - US Army, medical branch

    Cousin - M.P. - U.S. Air Force

    Me - SMU Bus.Mgt./St. Marys Law/Colgate-Palmolive Corp., R.J. Reynolds Corp., TAMU Masters of Architecture, grad top 3 - thesis published, home design awards, community youth volunteering; Author: Kindle Handbook, BBB Accredited/CARE over 25yrs until 2018 over priced

Tunis, TX Gourmet Retirement Living

 I maintain a low overhead, beat all competition rates &/or exceed their services & useful drawings ...
often all statements apply when by-the-hour rates are employed.
Residential work must not be distracted by commercial project bullies nor training draftsmen on your job (they do NOT save you money).
Autocadd, even Revit does NOT save you money
First designed for engineers, now used by architect/draftsmen for large budget commerical work
This studio is well versed in a fast 3D color imaging residential software/CADD that simplifies output, client visuals and respects your budget
NO ONE beats our low overhead FEES + you get many more SERVICES
We do not waste your design fees on large offices, websites, employees, high dollar ads.

YES WE DESIGN SMALL HOUSES that work excellently through the years ahead, as well as the large, complicated award winning types

Architecture must be more than style & flash -

it must be suitable for YOUR daily routines, take care of you & be affordable

or it becomes a high-maintenance, drama relationship that soon ends.   

Plum Hollow in Pebble Creek
TAMU Football Coach Fran's 1st Local House
Foxfire Acreage
Owner built
Foxfire Acreage
Doctor's Residence in Woodcreek




Allow me to guide you into Design From Scratch, custom tailored designs that fit a lifetime, saving you homework, searching, copyright suits, frustration with better services/fees than others offer.

Indian Lakes


NCARB certification defined:

Professional degree earned from an NAAB-accredited or CACB-accredited program. Foreign educated: evaluated by NAAB via (EESA).
Intern Development Program (IDP) training requirements satisfied.
Architect Registration Examination (ARE) passed.
Licensed to practice from one of NCARB's 55 member registration boards.
Signifies have met the profession's most objective standards of competence.
Demonstrates support of NCARB's mission for protecting the public welfare.
Offers Continuing Education monographs to meet/exceed annual requirements to hold an architect license.
Only about 30,000 architects in the U.S. are NCARB-certified!
Welcome to THE solution to your Residential Design Architecture needs!





Dogwood Trail near Brazos River