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My prepay order form/sheet is for those who do not wish to use the online gallery ordering system. Graphic items are created and customized by me personally. One pose will be chosen by me to use for package choice. Delivery will be to the school/coach to be disbursed to your child.  You may exchange sizes in any package for similar half unit. For example exchange (2) 3x5's in pkg C for (1) 5x7. Just make a note or ask.   *PACKAGES AA, B, C , D & E ~ CARDBOARD PHOTO MOUNTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST for $1. ADD SPORT FX TO ANY ORDER WITH INDIVIDUALS FOR ONLY $10 PER PKG-SEE MM in Ala Carte, ORDERS OVER $100 may choose $25 free item - ask for High Res Download.  Make any 8x10 or 5x7 in a pkg a plaque for just $10 more. Easter Egg - add a digital size soc media download to any pkg for just $5 more. Please call if you don’t see an item you would like for a price quote. 707-499-8433. Sales Tax is Included in Prices on prepay order forms. Like me on, Leave a review.



1. If Gallery is in Advance Pay mode, this means the photos have not been edited and uploaded yet.
2. To purchase credits, decide the amount you think you might spend and choose. If the amount you're wanting is a multiple of $5 such as $35, choose a multiple of the $5 credit that will best reach your purchase. Example: For $35 choose 7x $5 credits.
3. If you opt-in by adding your cell number, you will be notified once the pictures are uploaded and ready for purchase. Please contact me if you need any assistance ordering or if you have any questions at 707-499-8433.
4. My Sportmate or Memory Mate Plaque is not available through this online ordering only available with paper, prepay ordering at this time.
5. When ordering choose a photo and then click "buy". All the packages and options will pop up. The packages will have suggested names and descriptions. The items in each package can be of any photo you choose or choose a suggested photo.
6. You will be charged Tax and Shipping for online print orders. Keep in mind that digital download orders are not taxed nor charged for shipping.  I have lowered the prices as much as possible and included a coupon for free shipping on orders over $30.
7. For shipping, USPS Surepost is used. Some addresses are not recognized by this shipping method, particularly in the Carlotta area. A workaround may be to use a friend's address, or a coach's, or contact me for other options.  707-499-8433
8. Social Media sized downloads are fine printed up to 4"x6" or 5"x7" size. Choose a different photo for each download.



1. Delivered to your address, no waiting for school or coach to distribute.
2. On personalized items, no misspelling or incorrect information entered in by you.
3. View and choose from different poses within packages before purchase.
4. Order and reorder whenever you can or want.
5. Digital downloads are instant.

1. Limited items and template choices. No Memorymate plaques available.
2. Tax not included in price - added to print or package orders.
3. Shipping added if package print order is not over $30.
4. Shipping not available to some addresses.
5. Ordering isn't very intuitive. Can be difficult. 

6.  Can not combine orders to reduce shipping if multiple sports however any advance credits purchased can be used up in multiple orders or galleries however do have an expiration period of 16 months.