Trinity River (Lock and Dam)

Once a year in January or February, fishing gets hot on the Trinity River at this old lock/dam about 14 miles west of Crockett on Hwy 7. White bass to 3 ½ pounds are on the run. Tube, bank or boat fish on a cloudy day above or below the highway bridge. Fish the outside currents in the bends of the river, bass run deep, so sinking lines are a must, mending upstream for greater depth and distance. When tubing, put in just above the bend you choose to fish, float across the river and tie off on a branch or the bank. Watch the current and the hydraulics around obstructions , it gets wicked in a hurry. Dress extra warm and dry. Flies of choice: Chartreuse streamers with silver, white, optic yellow combinations. Fish deep and get ready for action. Carp will be bust’n the top of the water like you would not believe.

The Trinity River has to rank as the hottest spot for sand bass in 2-3 pounds, because of the millions of white bass from Lake Livingston. The 38 miles of river between Hwys 7 and 21 will hold the heart of the white bass run. If the river is low and green, the fish will stack up along the edges on sandbars, in deep holes and deep pockets downstream from shallow running rapids. Low river flows also put fish in the mouths of creeks. Winter rains and river flows dictate the intensity of the white bass action. When the water is high, the main river channel turns to mud forcing sand bass up the feeder creeks in search for clear water.

About 6 creeks south of Hwy 7 attract most of the fish and fishermen. Keechi and Elkhart Creeks can be good if the river is high enough for boaters to get above the Lock and Dam. The creeks become little rivers themselves with the clearest water but it takes some looking for them. 14’ flat bottom boats are best, no fiberglass. White bass fishing is easy and fun.  Visit for more details.