East Texas Hatch Schedule Plus Aquatic Foods

Date          Species                                                      Artificial Fly & Size Recommended                                Fish to catch

Jan-Feb      Crayfish w/eggs ready to spawn                      Whitlock's Crayfish 1/0-8                                             Bass/brown trout

Feb           Fire Ants (winged)(1st warm day)                   Black Ant 12-16                                                          Catfish

Mar           Mayfly (Baetis)(sunny afternoon)                    Adams, Blue Winged Olive 12                                      Bream/bass/trout

Bees                                                          McGinty, Bumble McDougal 12 (no retrieve)

Blue/Black Mud-Dauber                               McDougal variation 8 (cast near shoreline)

Spring       Small toothpick or meadow hopper                 Joe's Hopper 12-14                                                      Bass/bream

Very small white crayfish                              Whitish Nymph

Leeches                                                      Woolly Bugger, Marabou Leech, Rabbit Leech 10             Bass/bream

Jun           Golden Mayfly (Hexagenia)                           Rat Faced McDougal 8, Dark Hendrickson, March Brown 10-14

Early Summer  Red Shiner (N. Lutrensis)                        Marabou Muddler 2"-3", 6-10 long w/ blood red fins & tail. (Most creeks & ponds can represent 50% of Texas baitfish - fish weedy areas)

Western Cicada (Hemiptera)(spent female after laying eggs) Natural & Black Hairbug 2                            Bass love u'm

Predatory Lacewings & Ladybugs in willows (spent females)

Carpenter Ants (winged)                               Ant pattern 12 (fish on windy days)

Katydid Southern Angular-winged                  Chartruse hair bug imitation (fish under braches)

Beetle Carrion (slow flying)                           Softhackle fly, Black Foam Beetle 8-14

Spent Acorn Weevils & windborn spiders

Frog larval phase                                         Tadpolly, Dave's Tadpole

Aug          Catapla Sphinx Moth worm                          Woolly Worm (slow sinking), Catalpa Worm 6

All Summer  Grasshopper drab colored large                    Dave's Hopper 6-10

Moths & Butterflies (Lepidoptera)                  Woolly Worm 6-8 (sparse hackle)

Grinnel Fly 2                                                              Bass (most effective)                                           

Mud-dauber wasp                                        Mud Dauber McDougal 8 (good searching pattern)

Baby turtle                                                 Hairbug (short tail & no hackle)

Damselfly                                                   SS Damsel 10-12                                                        Bluegill/Redear

Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata)               Fair Damsel & Dragon 6-10                                          Bass

Bait fish & juvenile sunfish                           Marabou Muddler 8 (various colors)                                Bass/large bream

Flathead Diver 8-10                                                           

Late summer   Hickory worms                                       Wolly Worm 8-10

Fall           Webworms & caterpillars                              Fall Webworm 12, Walnut Caterpillar

Oct           Mature hoppers                                           Henry's Fork Hopper 8-14

1st cool front   Hugh bright lubbers                                Big hopper patterns

Dec           Mice                                                         Hairy Mouse Slider 10                                                 Bass