VIDEOS                                                                                                                                                       9-7-01


1   Fly Fishing for Bass                                       Dave Whitlock                                    

2   Essence of Fly Casting/Basic                       Mel Kreiger/Swisher                           

3   Fly Tying Basics                                             Jack  Dennis                                          Missing

4   Tying Western Trout Flies                            Jack Dennis                                           Bad

5   Tying Trout Flies                                            Gary Borger                                           Fuzzy

6   New Casting Techniques                              Lefty Kreh

7   Tying Bass Flies                                             Jimmy Nix

8   Bugging Bream/Nymphing with                   Bill Dance/Gary Borger

9   Fly Fishing TV Shows                                                   

10 Fly Fishing TV Shows                                                                                                    Not worth having

11 Florida Tarpon/ Fly Fishing for Bass           Kreh & Pallot/Whitlock

12 Introduction to Fly Fishing/Catch Trout    Whitlock/Gerlach

13 Fly Fishing 3M TV Series                              Borger/Swisher

14 Fly Fishing for Bass                                       Dave Whitlock                                     Fuzzy

15 Essence of Fly Casting/Basic Casting         Mel Kreiger/Swisher                            Fuzzy

16 Fly Fishing Eastern Brook Trout                  Canadian Sports

17 Fly Fish Canada Salmon                                Canadian Sports

18 Fishing for Trout                                             Dave Embry                                          Missing

19 1992 Texas Conclave Joan Wolff videoed by Jay Renken

20 Hooked on Fly Fishing                                  Jim & Kelly Watt                                  Same as #29

21 Building Your Own Rod                 Dale Clements                                       Fuzzy

22 Trouting Tactics for Panfish                         Jack Ellis

23 Lefty Kreh Casting Seminar Woodlands    videoed by Jay Renken

24 Fly Tying Techniques                                    Royce Dam                                            Bad

25 Combat Fly Fishing for Bass                         Ft. Worth FF & Brian Camp

26 Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple                   Skip Morris

27 Spinning/Stacking Deer Hair                         Jeff Mack

28 Survival of Wild Trout & Salmon Trout Unlimited

29 Fly Fishing Basics                                          Jim & Kelly Watt                                  Same as #20

30 Salt Water Fly Tying                                      Lefty Kreh

31 TV Giant Pike/Bass Ect.                 Larry Dahlberg/Bill Dance                  Bad

32 Fly Fish the Hill Country/Alaska                  Bud Priddy/Royce Dam

33 Tracking Trophies: Lost Bass                       John Hopes

34 The Life Cycle of the Mayfly - Tying          Rene’ Harrop                                        New

35 Backcountry & Wreck Patterns - saltwtr    Lenny Motto                                        New

36 Tying with CDC                                              Shane Stalcup                                       New
























                     BOOKS                                                                                                                                                   5-28-02


1   Fly Fishing for Bass                                       Dave Whitlock                                     Last use 1994

2   Fly Fishing Handbook                                   Dave Whitlock                                     Last use 1994 + 1 1997

3   The Fly Hatches                                              David Richey                                        Low use

*4   Treasury of Trout Fishing                           Leonard M. Wright, Jr.                        Low use

5   Saltwater Fly Fishing                                      Jack Samson                                         New

*6   The Hook Book                                             Dick Stewart                                          ok

7   Fly Fishing in Salt Water                               Lefty Kreh                                             New

8   Patterns of the Masters                                 1989 FFF Conclave                              New

9   Trout Fishing & Fly Tying                            George W. Harvey                               ok

*10 Smokey Mountains TF Guide                     Don Kirk                                                0 use

*11 First Cast Beginner’s Guide                        Leonard M. Wright, Jr.                        ok

*12 Introduction to Canoeing                            Bradford Angier/Z. Taylor                 0 use

13 Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh                          Lefty Kreh                                             Last use 1993 + 1 1997

14 Bass Flies                                                         Dick Stewart                                          ok

15 Classic Salmon Flies                                       Mikael Frodin                                       0 use

16 American Nymph Tying Manual                  Randall Kaufmann                               Best use

17 Universal Fly Tying Guide                            Dick Stewart                                          Best use

18 Flies for Salt Water                                         Dick Stewart                                          ok

*19 Texas Water Ways                                                                                                       ok

*20 Arkansas Floater’s Kit                                 Arkansas Dept of Parks                      1 use

*21 Newfoundland Salmon Flies                       Len Rich                                                New

22 Salt Water Fly Patterns                                  Lefty Kreh                                             Best use

23 Western Trout Fly Fishing                            Jack Dennis                                           ok

24 Bugs & Poppers                                              Tennessee Valley FF                           Low use

25 Fly Tyers Almanac                                         Boyles & Whitlock                              Best use

**26 Fly Fishing Tactics                                    Fly Fisherman’s Magazine                 New but missing

*27 Leaders                                                           Larry Notley                                          New

*28 Tying Strong Fishing Knots                       Bill Herzog                                             New

*29 Great Rivers - Great Hatches                       Charles Meck/Greg Hoover                New

*30 Fly Lines

*33 Flyrodding Florida Salt                                                Capt John M

*34 Introduction to Fly Fishing                         FFF booklet

*35 Introduction to Fly Tying                           FFF booklet

*36 Essentials of Fly Casting                             FFF booklet

*37 Introduction to Aquatic Insects                                FFF booklet

*38 Notes on Rod Building                                                FFF booklet

*39 Student’s Guide to Fly Fishing Basics      FFF booklet

*40 Instructor’s Guide to Fly Fishing Basics  FFF booklet

*41 Observations on Teaching Fly Casting    FFF booklet

*42 Montana Fly Fishing Opportunities          FFF booklet

43 Lake Toledo Bend Map

*44 Lake Fork Map

*45 Basic Book of Boating

46  Aquatic Insects                                              Hafele & Roederer
47   Houston County Lake map
48  Orvis Fly Fishing Guide                                Tom Rosenbauer
*49  Anglers Fly Identifier                 Dr. Simpson & Dr. McGavin
50  Pop Fleyes                                                      Bob Popovics & Ed Jaworoski
51  Memories, Patterns & Tactics                     George Harvey

52 Fly Fishing Guide to Texas                            Phil Shook

53 Lee Wulff                                                         Jack Samson

54 The Art of Fly Tying

55 Fly Tying & Fly Fishing for Bass & Panfish    Tom Nixon

56 Trout Fishing Source                                     Mark Williams

57 Paulous Trout                                                  Paul Quinnett


* Off the shelf – can be ordered for next meeting.

** Out – no signed library card