Club Photos

Larry Copenhaver's Alaskan Sockeye (reds)
Larry Copenhaver's 2nd Sockeye
Tom Rees' Nice Redfish in Louisiana
Tom Rees' another Nice Redfish in Texas

Hugh's view of Destin inlet in Florida
Hugh's catch of the day
Hugh's specs for the next day
Hugh's 30 inch redfish
Ron Scheepstra's Alaska cabin view
Rons Silver Salmon
Another Silver Salmon
Ron landing a Chum Dog Salmon
Chum are stronger than salmon
Ron's Ireland Salmon
Ron's Ireland Trout
Lock Heilen Trout
Loch Saint John Trout


Buddy Price's 5 pound bass from Crown Colony pond on 3 wt rod
Buddy Price's 7 pound bass from Crown Colony pond on 8 wt rod
Jay's frustration on a bad day of fishing!
Beavers Bend 2001:
Bill and Hugh's catch
Hugh Bell - Fish on!
Bill Heugel's big trout
Lake Nacogdoches 2001:
Royce Feaster's Summer catch
Ken Baker's Fall catch
Bill Heugel's Summer catch
Walter and Bill trying to catch up! 2002 Catches:
Walter McLendon's bass on secret lake in Caldwell Coy Hood's catches:
Cold trout
Breakfast at Ratcliff Lake 1999:
Casting after breakfast
Larry Copenhaver's fish:
Hauser Lake rainbow trout in Montana
Dan Edward's (MCFR) big bass
Ronny Julian's Surprise Catch
Ken & Cathy Plato in Tiawan
Ken Plato with his catch & his friend
Walter McLendon Fishing