Tying Tips & Techniques

1. Feather in the Eye. One of the frustrating things about tying your own flies is to get to the stream and find that the eye is filled with glue!! No one to blame for this one!!! After applying the cement to the head of the fly run a feather through the eye of the hook. The feather will collect any glue that may have found its way into the eye.

2. To divide tail fibers into two even bunches, form a tiny ball of dubbing or thread buildup at the start of the hookshank bend or better yet, leave a thread tag hanging to the rear and bring the tag up between the two separated bunches of fibers, then loose wrap thread over the tag several times. Pull the tag forward to split the fibers. Wrap a couple of tight wraps and clip off tag.

3. When tying a clump of tail or wing fibers onto the hook shank, if the clump tag butt is just cut off square, it will cause a bump or rise when the body material is wrapped over the cutoff. To avoid this, make your cut at a severe angle so that the butt is tapered as much as possible. You can also stagger cut the butt end about three times spaced progressively.

4. When tying in a tail or wing, it is better to wrap thread about four times then pull the bobbin up not down to secure the material. This tends to prevent the roll-over we so often witness.

5. When preparing a feather butt for palmering, trim off the fuzzy fibers rather than stripping them off or just clipping the stem off. Trimming so there is about a 1/16 inch stub will help secure the feather when wrapping the thread and prevent slippage.

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