Workshops & Clinics

Fly Tying Classes are held as often as members show an interest. The club provides some tying equipment and materials for members until they decide if tying is for them and purchase their own. Classes include all levels from beginner to expert and cover trout, bass and saltwater flies.

Tying Coach is new to the club, one person is selected to be available to help any member with questions answered or methods and techniques shown. 

Rod Building Classes are held when we have enough members to warrant the purchase of rod kits or when we choose to build a club rod for raffle. This has been very popular so far and saves you money in addition to getting a very nice rod to fish with.

Casting Coach is also new to the club, one person is selected to be available for assisting any member in improving his or her casting. 

Casting Clinics are held whenever we have large gatherings to teach beginning or advanced casting.

PWFF Annual Workshop is an event held in the late Winter or early Spring before members get involved with other activities. Breakfast first then we have a special guest host. He or she will tie his special flies designed to catch their favorite fish. Then we have lunch provided by the club. During the afternoon, we have casting competitions and/or challenges and we conduct casting classes for those who want it. The entire family is invited for the evening meal and a special program by our guest host.