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My remote on setup uses W5XD comm port software, Remote PC software and repurposed W3YY interface board

This is a "How I did it webpage", Turning on K3 on remotely - hopefully to get more folks doing remote when they travel or at office or campout using phone as hotspot!
A K3, like many other rigs and amps, will not turn on through software link - it's really off.
Typical of a pin on a connector to have control voltage that when pulled low, turns rig on

Photo shows basic concept of remote on for K3
your PC will need W5XD's (or equal) Comm port Control program
At the time of this writing, program is at click to go there

I was unable to find any software that was strictly setup to manage the control lines of RS232 port available on web
W5XD generated the needed software and that software opened door to compete remote ON project
There is assumed software program that user already has - REMOTE PC or other similiar to operate PC remotely
A W3YY board was used to get optical isolators used on output
The W3YY board isn't required, you could probably fire the on with USB/RS232 adapter and resistor in line with each of the three control signals
(one for each device needing remote on)
similiar to economy FSK device
an RS232 port has three control lines, so leaves one shy needed for HP SO2R but fine for my current needs

Photo above shows the W3YY board mounted inside Alumimun housing
Shows the origianl wiring as setup for FSK/PTT
Cable on left was rewired to Pin 8 for remote on and no longer has FSK/PTT connections

This shows the original connectors on the interface
The RS232 didn't change - the DB15 was unhooked for RTTY and only Pin 8 and Pin 5 used for remote on (K3 ACC port) This web page covers first K3 connection

Originally had planned to use the existing RS15 connector & breadboard connections on back BUT no Pin 8
ZING - check that early in your plans. Pin 8 on K3 ACC port is used for remote on OUCH
this connector was on ACC port connected to mortty
sadly the connector didn't have PIN 8, Another DB15 with complete breadboard of all 15 pins is on order
The Yellow connector will be used for remote on for a K3 once new DB15 arrives.
If you use phono plug, insure that shield has copper or Copper/AL so it will solder if needed
this cable was bass audio cable, which seems to mean that you get extra thick insulation ....

The Comm Port Modem Control will activate control line as soon as the check mark is placed in box.
Checked box=on, unchecked=off
I clicked DTR and my K3 rig turned on!!! success!!
Clicking OK is to close the program
Once rig is on, fire up the writelog control package
I am avid fan and user of the Writelog remote
NO rewire or altering cables at rig site, I can walk in and use my station as is
or from outside the shack, bring up writelog remote and use the station remotely (CW and RTTY are two modes I've done remote)


At my station, can't turn the rotors remote, yet....future project

An additional idea during this project, what if Mortty already had some extra control output? One would get you the needed connection to Pin 8 for the K3 remote ON! another could be used for amp on that K3. Just a thought for programmers out there.

73 W5AJ

remoteon K3

Last updated 5 Oct 2020