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                                              DXCC  Honor Roll   363/338  Mixed                 WAC                    VUCC  2304 & 3456 MHz                   CW 263




  Michael E. Watson

                                                                                                                  106 S. Randolph

                                                                                                                  Lufkin, TX  75904

Licensing History:


Initial License   KN5MWH

Novice:              November, 1957

General:            January, 1958

Extra Class:      January, 1963

Dual calls:         1975 to 1982 held both K5MWH &  W5UC

Call Change:     1982, primary call from K5MWH to W5UC, K5MWH released.


Originally licensed as KB5LRS, and then N5QFB, my sweet wife Kathy(Left), is now K5MWH.  She is a Tech Plus, first licensed in early 1989.


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