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"One Step Away From The Trailer Park"

Family is very important to me.  I love them one and all...even the crazy ones.   We've got plenty of those.  One hallmark of the Sanaghan-McGillen family is that most of us are nuts in one way or another.  Mom hates that trailer park comment, but we've got some families on both sides of the line.  Those of us that make it away (never very far), tend to carry the spirit with us.  We're pretty down to earth and non-pretentious, and good manners for the most part.  Well, most of us.  We have a few nut cases in the family tree that are stuck up or wacky, or yuppie-want-to-be's, but we've got no real money to go with the aires and the truely crazy ones are harmless.  No one's on my permanent shit list; all it takes is a call, a letter, or a a simple thank-you card and all is forgiven.

I put together a rudimentary family tree; someday when I'm all done with college and get the time I'm going to purchase some off-the-shelf software and do it right.   Until then there's just a folder full of notes and some addresses references below.   If they had web pages, I'd link them.

On my Father's side, Sanaghan's are scattered around the globe; I've found Sanaghan's in the Chicago area, Arizona, and as far away as Australia.  McGillens ended with my mom and aunt; there were no man-childs to carry on the name.  Aunt Pat married into the Ever's,  I pretty much just know my Aunt and her kids.

American Sanaghans that are online
Mom and Dad (Parents)
Scott, Eileen, and Sean Richard
Cousin Cindy and Mike
Cousin Audrey
Janet and Mickey Hall  (2nd cousins to me)

Australia Sanaghans
Formerly Kelly Sanaghan, now Kelly Judd (her loss!): She's a full time mommy now and doesn't have e-mail any more. 
Kelly and Mark, after their wedding, in their back yard (no, it's NOT the botanical gardins), and their dog  Jessie

From: Tom Cross <E-mail him!> on 9/23/97 11:17 AM:

A little bit about myself My name is Hamish Cross. I live in a small country town 1 hours drive from Melbourne, Victoria. I am 16 years old and currently studying year 10 at a college in our town
Some of the hobbies that I like are Snow Skiing, Fishing, Fly fishing tennis and I'm just starting kick boxing.
Information on other Sanaghan:  Brian Sanaghan Has a database design company in Melbourne. You can email him if you like
Jamie Sanaghan Works for Telstra, Australia's major telephone/communication business
Marlin Van Loon (Sanaghan) She owns a nursery in Ocean Grove. I'll give you her email when I find it out
Patsy Sanaghan She was a school teacher in Ocean Grove. Now studying.
Jo Cross (Sanaghan and my mother) Is a school teacher at the school I go to.
Any way hope you get this email

Brian Sanaghan (Referred to above in Hamish Cross's e-mal

I was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland which is in the kingdom of Fife just outside Edinburgh.
Our family emigrated from Scotland to Victoria, Australia in 1955 when I was 7 years old.

My paternal grandparents were from Ireland and emigrated from there to Scotland earlier this century. I think they were from County Cork. It seems that one branch of the family went to Scotland and another to the USA

My father, after the war, was a coalminer.All of my uncles on both sides of the family were.

A maternal aunt married an Australian sailor she had met during WW11 and followed him home to Australia. My maternal grandmother at the time was being harrassed by police over the activities of her son, my uncle Jim, who had returned from the war unable to fit back into polite society. My aunt Mary (mentioned before) prevailed on her to emigrate and start a new life in Oz. Post war Britain was still struggling to recover from WW11 and life was pretty grim for someone like my grandmother, who had been widowed. She agreed to migrate with her then youngest daughters who were 15 and 17 years old. Oz was going through a period of rapid economic growth and had expanded its migration program. The government was virtually paying for anyone who wanted to leave Europe to do so. This was in the early fifties.

Shortly after my grandmother's departure my immediate family followed. My father had been offered work in a colliery in a place called Wonthaggi which is in a region of Victoria, Gippsland. We settled in Melbourne, where we grew up.

We left behind my father's brother, Charlie Sanaghan. His other brother Pat had died prior to WW11 at a quite early age. I think about 37. Their families still live in Fife or thereabouts.In fact when browsing I discovered Andrew Sanaghan who is quite an accomplished schoolboy golfer in Fife. I think he is related to my late Uncle Pat.

My father had two sisters, Mary and Betty Sanaghan. Mary married a Pole who had been a member of the Polish forces that had been forced out of Europe during WW11. His name was Kornacki. They had one son Derek. I met him in the seventies when I was in Europe. Betty's married name was Wragg. I have not had contact with them.

The other half of the equation.  One of the adult comic books (meaning aimed at mature audiances...I mean for grown up people.  If you read anything into those statements then it's not what you think) I read said this:  "Friends are the family you choose."  Good words.

My friends have very little web presence.