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In my cube at work I have a POW/MIA flag up.  One day a co-op came in, about 21 years old, and she asked me "Pow me-uh?   What's Pow Me-uh?"  Don't these kids learn any history?  She was only 10 years younger than me.  Until September 11, 2001, none of today's Gen-Xers on had any clue as to the sacrifices necessary for freedom.  It's a "do what you want for you" attitude that we are only able to afford due to the sacrifices of our Grandparents...or further back.  Patriotism flared briefly for a few months, only time will tell if it lasts.

Military inquiries were way up (heavily reported)...but actual recruitment only increased about 1% (lightly reported).  Likewise, blood donations were up almost exactly 50% in the weeks after September 11 (from the news you would have thought it was up 500%, but actual figures were around 250,000 units....not much in a population of 300 million).....but during the Christmas/New Years holiday, America was back on low blood alert because no one was going back to donate a second time.  It was the season of giving...and they were too busy.  Besides, the new Britney Spears album was out!  Hoo-ray!

The one and only POW/MIA from my hometown, Homewood, IL:  Park Bunker  The only POW/MIA who was lost the day I was born, Dec 5, 1967:  Don Russell of Maine.  Remains returned in the mid-90's.  Both were lost in Loas.  Park Bunker on a clandestine "Air America" type program, and Russell Donald in events unknown to me.

POW Information Links:
POW Network: http://www.pownetwork.org
POW Locator Search Engine:  http://www.scopesys.com/powmia/powsearch.html  Uses info from POW network.  Searches POW files by date lost, date reported, state, and more.  Dossiers on many POW's.

Special Order means you can special order a certain person's name/information.  Prices are mostly the same.

Contact Braclet Info Special
Other Items
Heart of Illinois See Link:  http://www.pownetwork.org/hoi.htm
All types, including black KIA for when MIA's return home.
They also sell many POW/MIA items like patches, hats, shirts, stickers, license plate covers, etc. 
Yes Many--see link.
VVA National See Link:http://www.veteranscollectibles.com/noforgot.htm

Money helps Vietnam Veterans of America organizations.  Special orders Can inscribe up to 3 lines instead of the standard 2.  They also have plaques with rubbings from the wall and grave markers.  More collectables (not necessarily Vietnam related) at their top level:  http://www.veteranscollectibles.com/

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Stenmarco Engraving
1908 East 7th Street 
Odessa, TX 79761-4822 
Phone: (915) 334-6900

Fax: 1-800-235-6368 

Donates to families of POW-MIAs.  Just give name, they will look up the person's data and make the bracelet. Apparently don't do black (KIA)

Red Aluminum:  $5.00              Clear Aluminum:    $6.00 
Stainless Steel:   $8.00                  Copper/Brass:  $15.00
         German Silver (like the original bracelets):  $15.00 
Sterling Silver:  $35.00         Sterling Silver with Gold Lettering:  $50.00 

X-Small( 5"- kids),   Small (5-1/2"-),    Medium (6"- Ladies), Large (6-5/8"- most men),    X-Large (7-1/4"- Large Men)
Minimum of $30 on phone orders.  No minimum on fax orders.

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Liz Flick 
Ohio Chapter MIA/POW 
P.O. Box 14853 
Columbus, OH 43214 
(614) 451-2405
Donates money to families of POW-MIA (official National League of Families Vendor)

Brushed stainless steel with deep acid-etched letters, initially filled with black paint. All names distributed with family permission.  $5.50 each includes shipping & handling. 
Open 7am - 10 pm and weekends.

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